Level up email delivery and efficiency with Nylas API v3

We’ve upgraded the Nylas Email API with new features that enhance users’ email delivery and overall efficiency. Learn more in our blog.

Level up email delivery and efficiency with Nylas API v3

Nylas API v3 is now generally available, improving the performance, security, and developer experience of your integrations. In addition to these improvements, we’re thrilled to introduce three new features for the Nylas Email API that will take email delivery and efficiency to the next level: Bounce Detection, Smart Compose, and Scheduled Send. 

With these features, your users will improve their sender reputation (and delivery rates), streamline email-based workflows, and get more value from your platform. With the new Nylas Email API, you can design even more engaging email experiences that your users will love — without derailing your roadmap. 

In this blog, we’ll share how each feature can improve email delivery and efficiency in applications like yours. 

New: Optimize deliverability with Bounce Detection 

Visualizing bounce rates and other email analytics in an application

With leading email service providers like Google and Yahoo announcing increasingly strict requirements on bulk senders, it’s now more important than ever before to track email bounce rates and promptly resolve issues. 

As one of the most requested features by Nylas customers, we’re excited to offer Bounce Detection as part of our Core package. Bounce Detection accurately detects 95% of email bounces. The feature triggers a webhook every time an email bounces. 

Bounce Detection gives your users real-time insight into email delivery, notifying them when emails don’t reach their intended recipient and allowing them to take corrective action when bounce rates are too high. 

Example: Sales engagement platform improves deliverability with bounce detection 

Sales teams rely on email as a core communication channel to reach and re-engage potential customers. But when their emails don’t reach their prospect’s inbox, they need to take a step back and ensure they’re following sender best practices. Otherwise, their domain reputation will take a hit. With Bounce Detection, sales engagement platforms can arm reps with actionable insights that help them optimize for near-perfect deliverability, increasing user confidence and trust in the platform.  

New: Eliminate writer’s block with Smart Compose 

Generating an email body with Smart compose

AI is radically transforming how we communicate, streamlining tedious, procedural conversations. Globally, we’re set to send over 376 million emails per day by 2025: that’s a lot of time spent on repetitive conversations that could be optimized with generative AI. 

With Smart Compose, a generative AI-powered email endpoint now available in our Plus package, Nylas customers can auto-draft messages from prompts or email threads. Embed Nylas Smart Compose in your application to eliminate writer’s block for your users, ensuring effective, on-message email conversations. Generative AI makes communications more efficient, helping your users spend less time drafting emails and more time on other critical work. 

curl --location --globoff 'https://api.us.nylas.com/v3/grants/{{grant id}}/messages/smart-compose' \

--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

--header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' \

--data '{

    "prompt": "Write an email to Albert to congratulate him on his promotion to Director, Sales"


Try Smart Compose yourself with this code snippet

Example: CCaaS platform automates customer service replies 

Customer service agents face high volumes of repetitive inquiries, leading to increased response times and human error. Contact center as a service (CCaaS) and other customer support platforms can use Smart Compose to create an intelligent auto-responder, analyzing incoming customer queries and suggesting contextually relevant, accurate responses. This solution not only speeds up response times but also helps maintain consistency in replies, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and reducing the workload of customer service teams. 

New: Improve sender reputation with Scheduled Send  

Scheduling messages to send at a later date 

The average open rate for all business emails is 20%. And for email-intensive professions, such as sales, that number drops to a mere 9%.  

Your users can maximize replies and open rates by scheduling messages in advance. Marketers, for example, have found that sending emails on Tuesdays at 9:00am ET – 12:00pm ET can double response rates. But integrating with all of your users’ email providers, supporting scheduled sending, and ensuring a seamless, bug-free experience requires a tremendous investment of time, money, and technical expertise.

With Scheduled Send, your users can optimize for recipient engagement and warm up new email lists by sending messages at a predetermined time. Provide a best-in-class email experience without diverting your team’s resources from other high-priority projects. 

Example: ATS maximizes open rates

Recruiters using applicant tracking system (ATS) solutions can optimize open rates by sending scheduled messages to candidates at the best possible times. Recruiters typically work to fill multiple roles simultaneously and can’t always manually send emails at the optimal time for every recipient. With Scheduled Send, your users can maximize open rates to engage even more candidates. 

Good things come in threes: Try our new email enhancements today 

Use Bounce Detection, Smart Compose, and Scheduled Send to maximize sender reputation, enhance communications efficiency, and improve engagement for your users. Want to learn more about all of the changes coming with Nylas API v3? 

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