⭐️ Nylas N1 has 20k stars! ⭐️

Nylas N1 ranked #73 across more than 3.5 million projects.

Hi there — I’m Michael, the co-founder and CEO of Nylas.


We released Nylas N1 less than a year ago via a small post on Hacker News. Today we’re delighted to announce that N1 has become one of the top open source projects on GitHub! And it’s largely thanks to you, our fantastic community.

How many stars is 20k?
On GitHub, Nylas N1 is more popular than projects like Ansible, ElasticSearch, HHVM, GoLang, RethinkDB, Kubernetes, Rust, and many more. We’re humbled to be included in such a list!

As N1 grows, we’re going to be adding more and more premium features to our paid version of the app, specifically for people using email at work. But our roots are always with developers , and N1 will always remain open source.

Thanks again for your support and (as always) let me know if you have any feedback for our team.

— Michael
Co-founder & CEO


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