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Nylas Announces Powerful Scheduling Tool with Customizable UI and Full Calendar Sync

SAN FRANCISCO/PRNewswire/ — Nylas, a pioneer and leading provider of unified communications APIs for developers, today announced updates to their cloud communications platform with the release of Nylas Scheduler. Nylas Scheduler allows developers to quickly build full scheduling features into their products via an all-in-one solution that includes a customizable UI and back-end sync engine.

The Nylas communications platform allows developers to quickly and securely connect their applications to every email, calendar, or contacts provider in the world. With the Nylas Scheduler, a single developer can launch highly-customizable scheduling features with just a few lines of code, enabling full CRUD (create, read, update, delete) capabilities and bi-directional data sync with their users’ calendars.

Nylas CEO Gleb Polyakov says, “There is a vast amount of data residing in your users’ inboxes, calendars, and address books that can be leveraged to build features to increase their engagement. Nylas has delivered the only unified solution that allows developers to access this data from any provider in a secure, reliable, and scalable way. The Nylas Scheduler is an extension of that vision, pairing a front-end, feature-rich calendar UI with our powerful universal calendar API. Now any developer can add a robust scheduling feature in their product with minimal time and effort.”

Previously, developers would need to use tools like Timekit and Calendly, which cost companies between $8-16 per month for each connected user. Nylas is releasing Scheduler today and is including it as part of their platform subscription, which starts at $0.99 per connected user. Developers can try the Nylas platform for free at

Abbas Ali, CPO and Co-Founder at innovative online broker platform Doorr, said, “With the Nylas Scheduler, my team saved 6 weeks of engineering work. We were able to get up and running quickly with robust scheduling features and calendar sync in just a few days.”

More than 22,000 developers around the world use the Nylas communications platform to handle over 1 billion API requests per day to providers such as Gmail, Microsoft Exchange,, Yahoo! and more. Nylas has over 400 customers that span from large enterprises such as Hyundai, Fox News Corp, Hubspot, AdRoll, and to high-growth start-ups like Dialpad, Pipedrive, Clio, Lexicata, and Sparkpost.

About Nylas

Nylas was founded with a grand vision – to unlock the value trapped in communications data to make it incredibly easy for developers to build software that helps the world communicate and connect better. Our mission is to help companies easily access this data and put it to use quickly in order to inspire innovation, customer engagement, and digital transformation at scale.

Every day, we are giving developers time back by making it simpler to automate repetitive tasks with little to no code. We’ve helped companies save hundreds of thousands of hours in development time and resources, enabling them to think big, innovate, and accelerate their time to market with best-in-class features.

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