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Spice up your email and calendar integrations by augmenting with Nylas

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Have you ever tried to cook your grandma’s recipe from scratch just to realize it does not taste like hers? That is because you missed that special ingredient that makes the recipe so flavorful. 

Building email and calendar integrations can be compared to a mundane recipe. However, every developer may add their own extra spice based on their business needs and requirements. Augmenting with Nylas is like adding a secret ingredient to your recipe. Think of your application or communications infrastructure as a culinary masterpiece and augmentation as the special spice that takes it from good to unforgettable. Just as a pinch of the right spice can transform an ordinary dish into an extraordinary culinary experience. Augmentation allows you to incorporate advanced features, automate workflows with artificial intelligence, parse data, and deliver a delightful user experience without a costly migration of your solution.

Let me share examples of how businesses augment their application with Nylas. Picture real-time email synchronization that keeps your users in the loop, empowering them to stay on top of their inboxes. Imagine calendar event management that streamlines scheduling and eliminates the headaches of coordination. Envision contact integration so smooth and flawless that your users will wonder how they ever lived without it. 

However, do not take our word for it, many customers have chosen to future-proof their solutions by incorporating the Nylas platform. This has allowed them to simplify upgrades and integrations with emerging technologies and the ability to stay agile in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our customers have shared what their top benefits are when augmenting their solution with Nylas: 

Enhanced functionality

Add advanced email, calendar, and contact features to your existing technology, elevating its functionality and delivering a superior user experience.

“Added a new pricing tier with premium email features, increasing revenue as users upgrade their accounts. Freed up 10+ engineers to focus on other critical work.”

Monika Abraham, Product Ops Manager, Crunchbase

Increased efficiency and productivity

Streamline processes and automate communication tasks, saving time and reducing manual efforts for your team. 

“We were looking to enhance and enrich the communications features in our Bookings product. Before Nylas, the email/calendar/contact capabilities were limited, hindered productivity and were drawing resources away from other projects. With Nylas our users are super productive and they can do more in less time.” 

CTO at a top 50 web development company

Speed up the integration process

Integrate Nylas with your current applications, platforms, and third-party services. Benefit from enhanced connectivity, data sharing, and collaboration across your technology ecosystem.

Our Exchange integration helped us tap into a new market of primarily enterprise customers, which has contributed to our rapid growth.”

Scott Mitchell, CTO, Salesloft

Competitive advantage

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging Nylas to deliver innovative features, differentiate your solutions, and attract more customers.

“We were spending most of our time fixing problems rather than improving our product. By switching to Nylas we could remove these email integration problems from the equation. It was a breath of fresh air—unlocking developer resources to focus on other priorities.”

CTO at a sales acceleration software company

Protect your investment

No more lengthy and costly rip-and-replace migrations — Nylas email, calendar, and contact APIs enable you to amplify your existing system’s capabilities and deliver an exceptional user experience, all while preserving your valuable investment. 

“By partnering with Nylas we were able to solve technical obstacles that would’ve taken us a lot longer on our own and required a much larger investment of resources. We likely released interview scheduling at least a year earlier than we would have if we tried to build it ourselves.”

John Whyte, Director of Product Management, Ceridian

Augmenting with Nylas

Augmenting your technology with Nylas leads to improved user experiences, increased efficiency, a competitive edge, enhanced integration capabilities, and cost savings, driving your business toward success in the digital age.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Nylas platform allows businesses to build customizable email, calendar, and contacts solutions integrated directly into your current infrastructure and workflows, making the augmentation process a breeze. Our developer documentation and onboarding resources ensure a friendly integration experience, letting you infuse more communication features into your solution.

By choosing Nylas for augmentation, you can stay laser-focused on your core business objectives. Whether you offer a CRM, a project management tool, or any other application that relies on email, calendar, and contact functionality, Nylas opens the doors to limitless potential, setting you apart from the competition.

Are you ready to transform your existing platform without the hassle of starting from scratch? Start experimenting with Nylas and build for free by creating an account.

Nylas is your gateway to an extraordinary augmentation journey and to unlock a world of infinite possibilities. 

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