The ROI of Using APIs to Build Email and Scheduling Productivity Features

In this webinar snapshot, you’ll learn how email and calendar APIs add value to your application and increase your bottom line.

The ROI of Using APIs to Build Email and Scheduling Productivity Features

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In our webinar, The ROI of Using APIs to Build Email and Scheduling Productivity Features, we discussed exactly why 84.5% of people working on digital transformation initiatives state that APIs play a significant role. We also highlighted the impact of COVID-19 on industries like healthcare, sales, recruiting, and real estate. Finally, we shared how Nylas customers like Pipedrive, Clio, Lever, and Ceridian leveraged APIs to achieve substantial ROI gains.

COVID-19 Increased Demand for Native Email and Calendar Features

COVID-19 drove massive demand for native email and calendar functionality for companies in the healthcare, recruiting, sales, and real estate industries. Medical professionals suddenly needed a flexible, secure scheduling solution that would allow millions of patients to easily reserve time slots at COVID vaccination sites as well as conduct telehealth appointments.

Worldwide quarantine saw the dependence on virtual meetings escalate to unprecedented levels. For recruiters and job-seekers, this meant all interviews had to be conducted online, rendering quick and easy scheduling across a variety of user calendars a basic requirement for hiring to continue. 

Sales teams who had been previously reliant on in-person meetings and events were suddenly forced to adopt a 100% virtual method for connecting with prospects, nurturing relationships, and closing deals. 

The Real estate Industry was significantly impacted by quarantine and, later, social distancing requirements. With sellers, buyers, and renters looking for a fast and easy way to make appointments and view homes, centralized hub for communication, virtual tours, and appointments was a must-have for agents.

Building Email and Scheduling Features Yourself is Challenging

Driven by increasing digital expectations, organizations are racing to develop user-friendly email and scheduling functionality that differentiates their product in the software ecosystem. Optimizing user productivity is now a key competitive advantage, and without reliable, high-performing email and calendar functionality, it’s difficult to deliver the features your customers have come to expect. 

However, building API integrations for email and calendar from scratch is difficult and time consuming both during and after the build. Every provider is different and their processes change frequently. Integration requirements and instructions are often complicated or unclear. Incomplete documentation and SDKs, along with subpar support, breaking changes, and security concerns present a myriad of challenges.

For companies that choose to build in-house, maintaining those complex integrations eats up engineering time and resources, diverting attention and resources from other high priority projects. This inevitably slows the roadmap, particularly when unexpected problems like bugs or breaking changes occur.

Accelerate Your Roadmap with Proven Communications APIs

Given that it can take over two years for a team of seven or more senior software engineers to build mission-critical email and scheduling features that integrate with all the major providers (Gmail, Microsoft, Outlook, etc.), it’s wise to consider outsourcing to a proven third-party vendor. For example, with the Nylas Email and Calendar APIs can be done in just three to four sprints with a single engineer.  

Additionally, the right partner can help troubleshoot obstacles, such as Google OAuth Verification and Security Assessment, which applies to applications that handle data that falls under the “sensitive” or “restricted scopes.”

Increasing the ROI of Your Email and Calendar APIs

Nylas-powered functionality is often feature gated in our customers highest tiers. 
By partnering with us, Pipedrive added 2 new premium pricing tiers. These advanced offerings allow users to connect to their email provider of choice and send emails directly from the Pipedrive CRM.

Within three months of launching these Gold and Platinum tiers, Pipedrive saw thousands of new subscribers sign up for the value-added versions of their product. These subscribers represent millions in the new ARR.

Lever, Clio, and Ceridian experienced similar savings and success. To understand how they leveraged the Nylas Email API and Nylas Calendar API, click below to read the full webinar recap.

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