Transform your email data into gold with email parsing

Learn about Nylas’ email parsing capabilities, which enable businesses to centralize, manage, and analyze email data efficiently.

Email parsing

The problem: A mountain of untapped email data

Imagine you’re an adventurer standing before a mountain, knowing it’s filled with hidden treasures. But you have no map, tools, or idea where to start digging. That’s precisely what organizations face today — an overwhelming mountain of email data. Companies have metrics like open and click-through rates, but that’s just scratching the surface. The real treasure is getting the most meaningful data: deep insights into customer behavior, preferences, and needs. On average, workers receive anywhere from 50 to 100 emails daily or even more. This mountain of data is an incredible source of information, and without the right tools, that data is never leveraged for decision-making, process optimization, and more.

The solution: A treasure map on how to analyze email data

Nylas doesn’t just give you a shovel; it gives you a state-of-the-art excavator to dig deep into your email data and build email parsing functionality. It extracts, filters, segments, and normalizes the data within emails, turning it into actionable, first-party data. 

“With Nylas, a global Fintech company can extract and structure data from the more than 2 million transactions on their platform each day and create actionable workflows and experiences that drive ROI and customer satisfaction from a user base of global retail partners and consumers. Besides, we were able to implement a dramatically streamlined experience in two sprints with four engineers.”

CTO of a global fintech company

The challenges of building email parsing capabilities in-house

Parsing and analyzing email data at the right time within the right context presents several challenges for engineering and product teams. Capturing unstructured data from attachments like images and PDFs, gathering current contact information from signature blocks, and wading through long email chains to find and present relevant details are just a few obstacles app builders must overcome.

Additional complexities include: 

  • Integration with major email providers — Nylas ensures compatibility with a vast array of email service providers. Whether you’re looking to parse Gmail emails or integrate with Outlook, Yahoo, or other providers. This universal compatibility guarantees that regardless of the email service your customers or employees use, you can effortlessly extract, manage, and analyze data across all platforms. 
  • Email provider disparity — Each email provider has unique characteristics in data type, authentication, communication protocol, and notifications. They also handle email content and attachments differently, often containing unnecessary elements like images, HTML, and signatures.
  • Machine learning (ML) capacity — Implementing automated email parsing without configurable APIs is complex. It involves defining metrics, collecting data, optimizing parameters, modeling deployment, implementing access controls, and monitoring for deviations. Delays are common, with 78% of AI/ML projects stalling before deployment.
  • Data scientist expertise Building ML in-house demands significant engineering and data science resources. Accurately assessing the ROI is crucial. On average, it takes over a month to deploy an ML model, requiring at least one developer and data scientist, leading to high staffing costs.

How Nylas enables email parsing capabilities

Nylas provides an API that enables developers to build email parsing capabilities, allowing for the extraction, management, and categorization of email data. This centralizes disparate data, offering a single source of truth for all email data your company needs to extract. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of how Nylas can be tailored and utilized to optimize data usage and enhance user understanding across different sectors:

Your data, your way: Nylas lets you customize what data you want to extract. You can decide what’s relevant: purchase history or customer interactions.

Fine-tune your universe: Once you get your data, Nylas categorizes it by date, amount, quality, and other specifications you identify. 

Turn raw data into user behavior: Businesses can increase customer satisfaction and user adoption by understanding their users’ behavior. These are some examples of how specific industries can take advantage of it:

  • Retail & e-commerce: Nylas can filter data based on your customers’ favorite colors, styles, and shopping times, among other relevant data. This data can then be used to create personalized product recommendations and marketing campaigns tailored to individual preferences. With the provided data, businesses can enhance end-consumer value by consolidating the post-purchase experience in one place, even if the experience is outside the app.
  • Healthcare: With Nylas, medical professionals can tailor treatment plans based on detailed patient histories, making healthcare more personalized.
  • Finance & banking: With Nylas, banks can spot fraudulent activities before they happen. By parsing transaction notifications and account activity alerts from emails, banks can monitor customer accounts for unusual or unauthorized transactions. If any discrepancies or unusual patterns are detected, the bank can take immediate action to investigate and address the issue.

Nylas powers global e-commerce success with email parsing

A leading global e-commerce firm decided to leverage the capabilities of Nylas in refining its operational strategy. They began by extracting crucial data points from emails, encompassing shipping tracking numbers, carrier names, merchant names, SKU numbers, and order totals. This data extraction allowed the company to introduce novel features like delivery tracking, which sends push notifications to users, showcasing the real-time location of their package.

The company gained a comprehensive, 360-degree view of real-time consumer buying behaviors using the insights derived from these data points. Consequently, this enriched understanding facilitated delivering tailor-made customer experiences to millions of users in real time. The results are astounding — a staggering 6x boost in the conversion rates for repurchases, alongside a doubling of their user base and a 4x increase in transactions compared to the previous year.

Why Nylas is your ultimate data ally for email parsing

It’s not just about collecting data; it’s about zeroing in on the data that makes a difference.

With our API platform, you get a one-stop shop for integrating email, calendars, and contacts, all while keeping data privacy and security at the forefront. The result? You can build real-time communication features into your app up to 40x faster, freeing you to focus on what makes your product unique. 

Nylas turns your email inboxes into a hub of actionable insights. By handling the nitty-gritty of data extraction and filtering, you can dive into user behavior, elevate customer experiences, and uncover new revenue opportunities.

Start building with Nylas today, or chat with a platform specialist to learn more about how you can increase consumer satisfaction and engagement on your platform.

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