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Nylas N1 now has reminders and undo send!

Announcing two new features for N1
By: The Nylas Team
November 21, 2016


If someone doesn’t respond to your message within a set timeframe, N1 will alert you so you can follow up again.


Undo Send

It happens to everyone… sometimes you hit send just a moment too soon, and you wish you could take it back. Now you can! Just click Undo and the message will be saved to your Drafts folder instead.

You can choose the time window for the Undo function in Preferences > General.


And in case you missed it…

We launched some other new features recently too:

  • Thread sharing. With a click of the Share button, you can create a unique URL to share an email thread with teammates and partners. The link will let them see the conversation as it is updated in real time. Curious about what you can do with shared threads? Check out this blog post.
  • Multi-language spell check. N1 now auto-detects the language you’re using and spell checks for that language. No settings changes necessary!

We want to hear what you think about these new features! Give them a try — then drop us a line at

Nylas N1 is the best email app for people and teams at work. Through a suite of smart features designed to help teams focus on what matters, prioritize effectively, automate repetitive tasks, and share resources, Nylas N1 transforms email into a delightful experience — and a hub for driving concrete business results. The platform is easily extensible and customizable via plugins. 

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