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Say hello to email sharing in Nylas N1

Provide a shareable link for any thread with Nylas N1
By: The Nylas Team
October 31, 2016

Email is a conversation — but CCing and BCCing everyone who needs to see each discussion can get messy. Copy-paste and screenshots aren’t good options either. What you really need is a simple, straightforward way to give colleagues, vendors, and customers the FYIs they need — without creating any additional email volume.

Cut the thread. Share instead.

Long CC and BCC trails don’t have to be an inevitable part of the workday. At Nylas, we recently launched a new thread sharing feature to provide a shareable link for any thread.


Thread sharing links are an easy, powerful way to share conversations anywhere. As new messages get added to the thread, the webpage gets updated in real time so your co-workers and partners can follow along.

How to use thread sharing links

You can use thread sharing links in a variety of ways:

  • Drop a link into Slack or HipChat so your co-workers can get up to speed on important customer negotiations
  • Add the links to your customers’ CRM profiles so your customer success team has the right context to keep building the relationship after you close the deal
  • Tweet a link so your followers can see an important conversation as it progresses
  • Add the link to your favorite task manager to provide context for to-do items or remind you of a group of tasks related to the thread
  • Drop links into your project management tool to give your team context for feature requests or bug reports
  • Include links in presentations and updates so your team can see the back history for what you’re working on
  • Send links to your external agency partners so they can stay up-to-date on important internal conversations
  • Get meta — share thread links within a single thread to collect all details of all relevant conversations

Thread sharing is a feature of Nylas N1, the best email app for people and teams at work. Through a suite of smart features designed to help teams focus on what matters, prioritize effectively, automate repetitive tasks, and share resources, Nylas N1 transforms email into a delightful experience — and a hub for driving concrete business results. The platform is easily extensible and customizable via plugins. For a free 14-day trial, visit

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