Cronofy vs. Nylas

Looking for a Cronofy alternative? Nylas is a developer-first solution, offering a more robust all-in-one API platform with scheduling and email capabilities. Accelerate developer velocity and scale seamlessly without any hidden costs.

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A superior solution, with more ownership than Cronofy

Build with ease while having options to own more aspects of your end user journey.


More custom control

Own your brand identity and end user experiences with your own private project, custom authentication, and enhanced webhooks.


Higher API rate limits

Seamless end-users experience without scheduling interruption or downtime as your business scales.



Build fast with instant sync speed, enhanced webhooks, and a 99.9% guaranteed uptime (including 3rd party dependencies).

Build and scale with confidence

A Cronofy alternative, Nylas securely integrates your application across service providers with more robust, customizable capabilities to fit your business.

Scheduling features



Control and customization

Developer productivity

Cronofy doesn’t support round robin scheduling across calendars.

Cronofy has read-only contacts for connected calendars, leading to manual effort.

Cronofy’s lower rate limit at 500 requests per 60 seconds, increasing disruption.

Cronofy doesn’t have the ability to white label the authentication flow, disrupting a unified user experience.

Cronofy lacks calendar webhooks and requires more dev work to fetch detailed event changes.

Nylas vs. Cronofy


Nylas’ tiered, all-inclusive pricing model has no hidden costs or usage limits. Nylas Calendar API includes Scheduler, which is more affordable, and does not include overage fees for important features like receiving notifications when participants accept or decline an event.


Look out for hidden costs with Cronofy’s tiered pricing model, including usage limits for features like Smart Invites (attendees status changes) which may be costly long term. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box scheduling widget, be aware that Cronofy’s Scheduler is a separate package from the Calendar API and more costly.


With Nylas, your users are connected to your own private Google project, giving you more control over data, privacy measures, and security. De-risk hitting quota limits and ensure a smooth scheduling experience. Learn the pros and cons of using a shared vs. private Google Cloud Project.


With Cronofy, users are authenticated on a shared Google project among other Cronofy customers. Your chances of hitting rate limits increase, which may stop you from completing any scheduling for your users. Shared tenants on a single project leads to less control over scopes, and a higher vulnerability from scope changes or missed verification deadlines controlled by Cronofy.


Nylas commits to a 99.9% SLA guaranteed uptime, including incidents from the Nylas platform as well as third-party incidents, becoming a single point of accountability.


Cronofy commits to a 99.99% uptime, but their SLA excludes any incidents caused by third-parties such as direct hosting subcontractors and equipment, software, cloud providers or technology of any third-party equipment.

Support & onboarding

Nylas’ global team offers support across all timezones to meet your customers’ SLAs. Choose from three support and onboarding tiers for quicker response times with options to access both email and phone options.


Cronofy has a smaller team based in the EU, offering support only on UK hours (8:30a-5:30p GMT). They do not have options to upgrade support or onboarding tiers. With email-only support, it can make it hard to access support in a timely manner.

Nylas API powers top applications worldwide

Over 250,000 developers at industry-leading brands and fast-growing companies use the Nylas API to deliver core communication features

More bang for your buck

“I appreciate this type of relationship and level of attentiveness and thoroughness while going above and beyond to come up with a solution.”

author image

Alexander Plum

Sr. Product Manager at TalentReef

How TalentReef launched calendar features twice as fast with half the resources

TalentReef built calendar features into their applicant tracking system (ATS) to help accelerate time to hire. They used Nylas to:

  • Accelerate time to hire by 3 days
  • Build calendar features 2x faster with half the resources
  • Reduce applicant dropoff rates from 98% to 12% 

“We’ve such a complex platform that we can’t implement every solution on our own, so we look for the best solutions in the market – that’s why we chose Nylas.”

author image

Maksym Dudnyk

Product Manager at Upwork

How Upwork enable users to hire twice as fast and increase revenue 

Upwork wanted a seamless, flexible scheduling solution to keep users scheduling within their app. They used Nylas to:

  • Increase CSAT score from low to mid 90s
  • Increase hiring consultants 2x faster
  • Create a better user experience

“For us, the main point that Nylas addressed was providing [calendar integration] in a consistent manner across multiple platforms and providers.”

author image

Oliver Lamming

CTO at CatchApp

How CatchApp increase sales conversions 400% and launches scheduling 3 months faster

CatchApp’s mobile and online appointment booking calendar saves developers time and users. They used Nylas to:

  • Grew user base by 66% in three months
  • Increase sales conversion by 400%
  • Saved 3 months of development time plus on-going maintenance

Industry recognitions and awards

  • Nylas ranks on the 2023 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ for the second consecutive year
    Attributes enhanced onboarding experiences, new generative AI features, and strategic partnerships to its revenue growth and second year of recognition.
    Read more
  • Nylas named a 2023 Gartner Cool Vendor
    Nylas was recognized as a Cool Vendor in the 2023 Gartner “Cool Vendors™ in composable customer engagement platforms report”
    . Read more 
  • CPaaS and business scheduling software
    Nylas has been recognized in the G2 Winter 2023 Reports for CPaaS, and Business Scheduling. Read more
Nylas security and compliance

With security built into the core of our products, you can rest assured knowing your data will always be safe, secure, and protected. Learn more about Nylas security

  • SOC 2 Type II
  • ISO2700I
  • SOC 1 TYPE I

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Frequently asked questions

What is Cronofy?

Cronofy is a tool that allows developers to power calendar integrations for Apple, Google, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, and using a single API. Similar to Nylas, using a single API helps businesses save time and money with initial builds and on-going maintenance.

What is a connected account?

A connected account refers to an email address associated with an email, calendar, or contacts account that has been connected to the Nylas platform.

How does Nylas give developers more control and ownership compared to Cronofy?

Nylas is a more configurable API solution than Cronofy, enabling developers to easily own all aspects of their end user journey, such as owning end user authentication experiences or customizing end user workflows. Developers can choose to use what’s available out-of-the-box for a quicker solution, or choose to build their own custom features for a native experience. Examples include custom out-of-the box scheduling UI, integrations with 3rd party applications, and white labeled authentication workflows.

How does Nylas’ pricing differ from Cronofy’s?

Nylas’s scheduling solution includes the Calendar API, Scheduler, and Contacts API; they are not sold separately. Pricing is based on the tier and number of connected accounts per month; we do not limit usage rates or have overage charges by features. Volume discounts are also unlocked if you can commit to an annual contract agreement. 

Does Nylas offer something similar to the Cronofy Application Calendar?

Yes, the Nylas Virtual Calendar is a Nylas-hosted calendar and equivalent to the Cronofy Application Calendar. They can be used for scheduling objects or people without linking it to a person’s calendar.

Data privacy and security are top priorities. How secure is Nylas?

Nylas adheres to the most stringent security standards such as GDPR, CCPA, GLBA, and DPA. With security built into the core of our products, we also engage with respected 3rd party firms to audit our infrastructure and security practices, resulting in a SOC 2 Type II audit report, SOC 1 Type I audit report, HIPAA/HITRUST report, and ISO 27001 certification.