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Get more bang for your buck with Nylas

Go beyond calendar connectivity and scheduling with a powerful suite of CPaaS solutions.

Email API
Calendar API
Contacts API
Connect to 100% providers
Scheduling UI
Free/ busy
Rooms & resources
Virtual calendars
Recurring events CRUD
Omnichannel reminders (SMS, MS Teams, Slack)
Round robin/ advanced scheduling
Contacts CRUD
Contacts graph
Attachment sync
Label/folder CRUD
Drafts CRUD
Email metadata – starred and unread
Email analytics
Threads CRUD
Express security review
SOC 1 certified
SOC 2 certified
Native auth
Usability & customization
Service accounts
Automatic provider detection
Whitelabeling for all tiers
Detailed insights into webhooks, synced account status

Built for enterprise

Increase developer velocity with additional features, greater extensibility, and more flexibility at a fraction of the cost of Cronofy. No more paying extra for valuable features like Smart Invites and Virtual Calendars.

Integrate with ease

Integrate with ease

Integrations with all email, calendar, and contacts providers come standard to help streamline and automate processes.

Custom reminders

Custom reminders

Send omnichannel reminders for upcoming calendar events through email, SMS text, MS Teams, and Slack.

Prioritize security

Prioritize security

Secure authentication is built into the core of all products, giving your team peace of mind.

Seamlessly connect and collaborate

Reliable support

World class support team to help you go-to-market faster and scale with ease.

Lowest cost, guaranteed

Scalable pricing

Pricing that is designed to scale as the company grows

Powering the world’s top applications

  • Upwork
  • Wix
  • Dialpad
  • LifeMD+
  • SHL
  • Crunchbase
  • Pipedrive

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