Integrate with the People API (Google Contacts API) effortlessly

The Nylas APIs power the world’s leading software applications with guaranteed 99.99% uptime and sync from Gmail and all other major contacts providers.

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const Nylas = require('nylas');
    clientId: CLIENT_ID,
    clientSecret: CLIENT_SECRET,
const nylas = Nylas.with(ACCESS_TOKEN);
nylas.contacts.list({limit: 10}).then(contacts => {
    for (const contact of contacts) {
        console.log(`Name: ${contact.givenName} ${contact.surname}`);

public class Contacts { 
  public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception {
    NylasAccount account = new NylasClient().account(ACCESS_TOKEN);
    List contacts = account.contacts().list(); Contact contact ) -> {
      System.out.println( event.getEmails() ); 
from nylas import APIClient
nylas = APIClient(
contacts = nylas.contacts.all(limit=5)
for contact in contacts:
   email = list(contact.emails.values())[0][0]
    print("Email: {} | ID: {}".format(
require 'nylas'
nylas =
    app_id: CLIENT_ID,
    app_secret: CLIENT_SECRET,
    access_token: ACCESS_TOKEN
contact = nylas.contacts.create
contact.given_name = "Larry"
contact.surname = "Page"

Integrate contact data from Gmail – no maintenance required

The Nylas Contacts API securely and reliably connects address books and contact databases directly into your application. With Nylas, you can sync historic and new contacts into your application in real time.

Nylas’ provider-agnostic contacts API allows bi-directional sync of all contacts (even across multiple providers, like Gmail, Microsoft 365, and Outlook) without having to reverse-engineer the complicated minutiae of each provider. With a secure OAuth flow (powered by Nylas), your users can authenticate their contacts’ data for two-way sync between your application and their Gmail and Microsoft accounts.

Integrate with Google’s People API faster with Nylas

Building contacts sync for Gmail yourself would take around 96 development hours. This number multiplies when considering additional integration requirements like authentication, operations, and maintenance. With Nylas, it takes just a few hours for one engineer.

Deliver bi-directional, omnichannel communications

Filter functionality

Nylas provides filter functionality that allows you to narrow a request based on specific parameters. This also enables you to paginate through many objects and improve performance.

Real-time notifications

Webhook notifications

Webhooks allow your application to receive notifications when certain events occur. They are easy to integrate into your app and scale seamlessly with your growth.

99.9% guaranteed uptime

Uptime is of utmost importance. That’s why the Nylas communication platform is built with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

Build for free

Unlock your potential with Nylas and start building for free today. Experience the power of our robust APIs to streamline your development process and maintenance with integrations across providers.

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Let our experts help you build a best-in-class People API (Google Contacts API) integration

Contact us today for more information, including live demos, implementation options, and pricing details.

Our experts will help you understand:

  • How to integrate with the People API (formerly Google Contacts API)
  • What you need to know about the Google OAuth authentication and verification process
  • How Nylas helps mitigate the complexity of building your contacts and email integration

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Divert the costs of the People API (Google Contacts API)

Building contacts sync in-house for Gmail alone will cost you over $7,500. As your application scales and your user base grows, so do costs for directly maintaining the Google integration. 

Nylas helps you reduce expenses by managing the following aspects:

  • Addressing edge cases, handling breaking changes, and continuously improving monitoring and security
  • Streamlining the process for newly authenticated accounts, implementing load balancing, and efficiently operating across multiple data centers
  • Developing a scalable storage layer capable of accommodating large volumes of stored data
  • Creating an administrative user interface and logging system for effective troubleshooting

Our API comes with built-in security, and we power even more granular scopes than most providers to improve security for your end-users.

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Robust security and seamless connectivity for your People API integration

Nylas offers a secure and connected integration experience with the People API (Google Contacts API), allowing you to focus on building innovative solutions and unlocking the full potential of your contacts data.

  • Contact enrichment, deduplication, and segmentation
  • Custom fields and metadata
  • Search and filtering for contacts 
  • Contact syncing across multiple platforms
  • Contact insights and analytics, and activity tracking
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Contacts API integration?

The People API integration, formerly known as Google Contacts API integration, refers to integrating the Google People API into an app or system. The Google People API is a service provided by Google that allows developers to access and manage user contacts and personal information. It provides a unified interface to retrieve, create, update, and delete contact data from various Google services, such as Google Contacts, Google+, and Google Workspace.

What can I do with People API (Google Contacts API) integration?

Integrating the People API (Google Contacts API) into your app allows you to access and manage contact information stored in Google Contacts seamlessly. This includes retrieving, creating, updating, and deleting contacts programmatically. You can sync contacts between your application and Google Contacts, import/export contacts, search/filter contacts based on various criteria, manage contact groups, control contact sharing and permissions, handle contact merging and deduplication, track contact events and activities, and integrate with other Google services for enhanced functionality. 

Nylas provides added value with integration simplicity and advanced security measures, token management, whitelisted IPs, data encryption, granular authentication scopes, gated permission checks, and other robust capabilities to ensure a secure and connected integration experience.

Can I sync Google Contacts with my application’s contacts?

Yes, you can sync Google Contacts with your application’s contacts using the Nylas Contacts API. With this integration, you can establish a seamless connection between Google Contacts and your application, allowing you to sync contact information in real time. This ensures that changes made in either Google Contacts or your application’s contacts are reflected in both systems, keeping the contact data up-to-date and consistent across platforms. 

Syncing Google Contacts with your application’s contacts can streamline contact management processes, eliminate duplicate data entries, and maintain a unified and accurate contact database.

How do I authenticate and authorize access for Google Contacts API integration?

To authenticate and authorize access for People API (Google Contacts API) integration using Nylas, obtain OAuth 2.0 credentials from the Google Developers Console and configure a Google People integration in your Nylas developer dashboard. Your application can then authenticate with Nylas using the provided client credentials and request access to the user’s People API data. This will initiate the OAuth flow, allowing the user to grant permission for your application to access their People API information. Upon successful authorization, your application will receive an access token to interact with the People API through Nylas securely.

What programming languages can I use to integrate the Google Contacts API?

You can integrate the People API (Google Contacts API) using a variety of programming languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript/Node.js, Ruby, PHP, .NET, and more. 

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