The best way to integrate with the Microsoft Exchange Email API

The Nylas Email API lets you stand up engaging, embedded email features with a unified integration for Microsoft Exchange and any other email service provider.

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import Nylas from 'nylas';
    clientId: CLIENT_ID,
    clientSecret: CLIENT_SECRET
var nylas =  
    .then(count => {
        console.log(`There are ${count} threads in your inbox.`);
public class Email {
  public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception {
    NylasAccount account = new NylasClient().account(ACCESS_TOKEN);
    List threads = account.threads().list(
      new ThreadQuery().unread(true)); Thread thread ) -> { 
      System.out.println( thread.getSubject() ); 
from nylas import APIClient
nylas = APIClient(
threads = 
for thread in threads:
require 'nylas'
nylas =
    app_id: CLIENT_ID,
    app_secret: CLIENT_SECRET,
    access_token: ACCESS_TOKEN
threads =
threads.each do |thread|
    puts thread.subject

Nylas makes integrating with Microsoft Exchange easy!

We built the Nylas Email API to provide a simpler, faster way to integrate with Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Outlook, and every other email provider in the world.

Now, developers don’t have to waste time debugging server-specific edge cases or coding in binary XML.

Nylas abstracts away the complexity of Microsoft Exchange Protocols

With Nylas, you can build a full create, read, update, delete (CRUD) and bi-directional integration between your app and 100% of email service providers with just a few lines of code.

Application integration

Circumvent working with proprietary protocols

Nylas handles the complexities of EWS, EAS, and binary xml for you.

Access real-time user’s inbox data

Ensures the latest conversation history is available in real-time — both in your application and your users’ email client.

Create, read, update, and delete any email

Unlock full email CRUD capabilities in your application with every synced account.

Email deliverability

99.9% email deliverability even at scale

Users can send emails from your app that land in the inbox, not in SPAM.

Track open rates, link clicks and replies all within your application.

Rich insights into every email send

Build for free

Unlock your potential with Nylas and start building for free today. Experience the power of our robust APIs to streamline your development process and maintenance with integrations across providers.

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Let our experts help you build Microsoft Exchange Email API integrations in a fraction of the time.

Contact us today for more information, including live demos, implementation options, and pricing details.

Our experts will help you understand:

  • How to integrate with Microsoft Exchange Email
  • What you need to know about the Microsoft Exchange authentication and verification process
  • How Nylas helps mitigate the complexity of building your email integration

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Costs of building with the Microsoft Exchange API vs. the Nylas APIs

As your platform scales and your user base grows, so do costs for maintaining a custom Microsoft integration. These costs include:

  • Operating servers
  • Onboarding and training teams to specialize in EAS/EWS
  • Supporting the integration and troubleshooting bugs
  • Spending time specializing in EWS, EAS, and other protocols
  • Pursuing and maintaining compliance certifications

With Nylas, none of these costs apply — we manage servers, specialization, security certifications, and provide world-class support SLAs.

Calculate your savings with the Nylas APIs
With Nylas, everything is secure. everything is connected.

Security is our top priority — we sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to. Nylas is SOC 2 Certified, Privacy Shield certified, GDPR compliant, and HIPAA-ready. Data from every email you sync is encrypted and isolated with multi-level permission checks.

  • World-class security certifications
  • Token management
  • Whitelisted IPs
  • Data encryption
  • Granular authentication scopes
  • Gated permission checks
Download the Security Whitepaper
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Microsoft Exchange Email API?

Microsoft’s Exchange Web Services (EWS) provides an Exchange email API that provides access to all of the data and functionality in Exchange mailboxes. It enables developers to parse email data, create email drafts, send emails, manage attachments, and organize an email inbox with folders. EWS offers a direct SOAP implementation and C# client library that provides full access to user accounts in Exchange Online, Exchange Online as part of Office 365, and Exchange server inboxes.

How do I get started integrating with the Microsoft Exchange Email API?

If you’re looking to integrate Exchange inboxes directly into your app, check out this post that details the major aspects of the Exchange Email API and explains what it takes to integrate Exchange inboxes. It also demonstrates how the Nylas Email API abstracts away much of the complexity of building a direct integration with the Exchange email API to enable you to build your calendar integration much more quickly and efficiently.

How do I integrate Microsoft Exchange Email API with other apps or services?

When integrating Microsoft Exchange Email API with other apps or services, you can obtain API credentials, choose an integration method such as Microsoft Graph API, Exchange Web Services, or Exchange ActiveSync, implement the integration, test and debug your code, deploy it to production and monitor it. Alternatively, you can also consider using Nylas, which offers a unified email API solution for Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, and other email providers.

Is there any limitation to the number of events or calendars I can access through the Microsoft Exchange Email API?

Yes, there are limitations to the number of events or calendars that can be accessed through the Microsoft Exchange Email API. The specific limitations depend on the API version and the licensing plan you have subscribed to. 

What programming languages can I use to integrate the Microsoft Exchange Email API?

Microsoft provides libraries and SDKs for several programming languages that can be used to integrate the Microsoft Exchange Email API, including C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. 

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