Help build the future of email. (And a whole lot more.)

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Who we are?

The Nylas APIs make it easy for developers to build simple yet sophisticated email mail-heart-image calendar calendar-image-icon and contacts concrate-image-icon integrations into software applications. Companies like Pipedrive, Lever, NewsCorp, Velocify, Intercom and hundreds more leverage our APIs to create amazing email and scheduling features in their products.

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We’re proud of our team and fight to include traditionally underrepresented groups of people in tech. Our co-founder Christine Spang leads engineering as CTO and has written extensively about our values and our commitment to diversity here. We actively and regularly work with the entire team to shape our culture to our ideal of honesty, transparency, individual empowerment, and kindness.

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Why we do what we do
(beyond email)

Email is the largest communication network in the world and is the lingua franca of business.

At a deeper level, there’s an unprecedented amount of data contained within the contents of email, calendar, and contacts. Yet teams and companies have not been able to access, understand, and effectively use that data.

For many new technologies and apps that rely on email and calendar features, we’re pretty much the only source for easy integration. Through our APIs, we make development of new apps possible and enable our mission: To empower the world to communicate with context and insight.

Values that make new hires successful at Nylas

You should say hi to us if you…

Value growth over just having answers

We aspire towards humbleness in one’s own abilities, a strong growth-mindset, and an innate desire to pass on knowledge.

Value diversity and inclusion

We believe in inclusivity and strive to make our company an aspirational example of a better, more human tech company. We reject racism, sexism, and homophobia. We want people who couldn’t be successful elsewhere because they don’t look or sound like what society expects successful people to look like to work here and to be given the chance they deserve.

Value ideas over hierarchy

Many of us have founded companies and we aren’t here for titles. We expect everyone to be able to share their opinions and advocate for what they believe is best for our users and our team.

Value collaboration over being “heads-down”

We are an extremely collaborative team - and so this is not a “headphones on and head down” team. Focus is of course important and always in balance; however we have a strong bias towards working together.

Value solving today’s customer needs over implementation purity

Our customers are developers and product managers, and we’re here to make their lives better. We value practical and simple solutions that immediately solve real customer pain.

Value entrepreneurial spirit!

We are building a brand new office in NYC and would love to have more pioneers join our eastward expansion.

Bring your whole self to work:

Nylas is a place where you can bring your whole self to work and be accepted as who you are. It's a place that values growth and learning and puts high value on empowering employees to reach peak performance. And we know it's healthy to have a life outside of work- so we strive to plan projects in a way that supports healthy work-life balance.

Oh, and we’re a dog-friendly office; fur friends welcome.

Read more on our open source company handbook:

The big stuff

Health insurance

We provide medical, vision, and dental benefits for all full-time staff members and their families. We also provide membership to One Medical to ease the burden of finding a primary care doctor

Parental Leave

We offer a 100% paid caretaker/ parental leave policy of up to 16 weeks per year for employees that are expecting or needing to take care of family members.


We offer a voluntary pre-tax salary reduction 401(k) plan through Guideline

Generous Vacation

We offer a mandatory 2 week contiguous vacation with an unlimited vacation policy.

Daily perks

Team Lunches

Free lunch in the office which we eat together everyday.

Pet Friendly

We get some in the office every now and then.

Gym / Fitness

We reimburse gym memberships up to $70/month. flexed-biceps-1F4AA


We offer a $100 Lyft credit each month to get you to and from the office. We're also a few minutes away from a BART and Muni station.

Team Activities

We'll frequently go on outings together. Sometimes they’re planned team dinners or sailing trips (some of us sail, others ride along). Other times it's ad hoc getting drinks or food after work.


Continuing Education

Each employee also has $1,000 to be used annually on classes, conferences, travel, and books to benefit career growth while at Nylas.

Company Retreats

We typically do team-wide retreats every 6-12 months. Last winter we booked a huge house in south Lake Tahoe and went skiing, cooked chili, and roasted marshmallows over the fire.

Workshops / Conferences

We also encourage everyone to speak at events and attend. We give everyone travel credit as well. Take a look at some of us speaking here.

Where/ how we work

Beautiful Office

Custom design work by Hannah Collins Design. We love working on our couches and by our fireplace when it gets cold.

Occasional Work from Anywhere

We let people occasionally work from home. We trust everyone to be responsible about their time when more collaborative activities or meetings are happening.


We can provide relocation assistance on a case-by-case basis to either SF or NYC.

Our Locations

Nylas HQ is in the heart of San Francisco in a beautiful custom-designed office by Hannah Collins Design and we have a brand new Nylas East on Wall St in NYC. Nylas is primarily a co-located team in SF and NYC. We also believe in making room for awesome people - so feel free to contact us about remote work.

Our values:

We want to build software that enables effective communication, and we also want to make an impact on the world via our culture. We believe that by embodying our values, we can make the world more like the kind of world we want to live in.

If a company creates great products but churns through the people who make them, is that organization worth building? For us, the answer is no. We believe that a company should be unabashedly human, and should serve both the people who work there and the customers it creates value for.

We want to be a voice in the world that says that people are able to do their best work when they’re able to bring their whole selves to work and to feel safe being as they are.