Nylas + Twilio Flex

Integrate Twilio Flex with Nylas’ APIs to unify email, SMS, calendar, and contacts data, enhancing developer productivity and customer engagement. With Nylas and Twilio Flex, businesses can: 

  • Streamline communication channels into a single, efficient interface
  • Access contextual email capabilities for conversational, secure interactions and analytics, all through a single API
  • Build customizable and automated scheduling workflows to minimize routine tasks and free up human resources for higher-value assignments 
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Partnership top pillars

Faster time-to-market

Build fast without breaking changes based on your unique capabilities.

Operational efficiency

Let your dev team focus on what really matters – your unique business use case, while we take care of providing a reliable, scalable and secure solution.

Improved user experience

Eliminate context switching and speed up the time to serve customers, increasing CSAT and keeping your user in a single pane of glass, while unlocking new use cases.

Automation at scale

Our combined platforms automate workflows and streamline communication, allowing teams to focus on what really matters.

Why navigate communications integration complexities alone?

Explore the combined power of Twilio Flex and Nylas

  • Native authentication
    Easily connect with popular email platforms like Gmail, Microsoft 365, IMAP, and all other service providers. 
  • Full threaded conversations
    Get more context with complete threaded email conversations, making tracking and managing customer interactions more efficient.
  • DNS management eliminated
    Say goodbye to the complexities of managing DNS settings like MX, DKIM, and SPF records. 
  • Advanced SPAM/virus detection
    Benefit from built-in, sophisticated SPAM and virus detection, safeguarding your communications against external threats.

Ready to start building?

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Frequently asked questions

If I’m already using Nylas, how will adding Twilio Flex benefit me?

By adding Twilio Flex, you bring the power of a programmable contact center platform. Now, within Twilio Flex, you can manage contextual email and calendar capabilities alongside other productivity tools riding efficient scheduling and email management. This partnership allows for more personalized and immediate interaction with customers.

As a current Twilio Flex user, what additional advantages will I gain from integrating with Nylas’ APIs?

Integrating Nylas’ APIs with Twilio Flex brings enhanced email, scheduling, and contacts capabilities, like contextual email interactions, automated scheduling workflows, and up-to-date contact information. This integration also offers “Clean Conversations,” turning complex email threads into easy-to-read formats and streamlining communication. This partnership brings simplification and automation to your users’ existing processes while keeping them in a single pane of glass.

How does integrating Twilio Flex with Nylas enhance the overall functionality compared to using them separately?

The integration of Twilio Flex with Nylas brings the strengths of both platforms, offering a comprehensive communication and workflow automation solution across multiple channels: SMS, video, chat, voice, contextual email, and calendar events. The benefits include a contact center solution with native authentication with 100% of email service providers, efficient email handling for email conversations, turning them into easy-to-read formats, and automated contact management to keep your CRM, address book, or preferred business application always up-to-date.  The combined platforms automate workflows, allowing teams to focus more on unique business use cases and with improved operational efficiency. 

How does the integration between Twilio Flex and Nylas work?

Integrating Twilio Flex and Nylas is streamlined as both platforms leverage APIs. 

  • Integrate Twilio Flex with Nylas APIs
  • Setup OAuth for secure and simple access to both platforms and to protect your data
  • Customize tasks to fit your unique needs, such as updating contact information
  • Leverage a single UI to improve the user experience and avoid context-switching
  • Regularly update the integration to align with new API changes released by both providers