Create exceptional user experiences with custom components

Build flexible front-end interfaces quickly and securely with just a few lines of code.

Sleek & powerful design components, right out of the box

Trim tech debt

Incorporate front-end and back-end development processes and tools into a single end-to-end solution.

Drive loyalty

Create an easy-to-use user experience that your customers love.

Reduce friction

Remove the development roadblocks and integrate email, calendar and contacts data into various UIs.

Streamline your GTM

Go to market faster with UI/UX solutions that do not require diverting teams to build and maintain the framework.

Create unified experiences

Customize all the components according to your branding and ensure a seamless user experience throughout.

Increase user productivity

Empower users by allowing them to access and leverage email, calendar and contacts data with ease.

Composer Component

Write and send emails directly from within your UI.

  • Stylize content
  • Schedule sends
  • Customizable themes
  • Add attachments
  • Contact look-up
Email Component

Build a custom email frontend in your app.

  • Connect any email data
  • View sender, subject, timestamp
  • View number of messages
  • Custom styling
  • Click to expand email
Mailbox Component

Combine multiple email components into one powerful package.

  • Custom actions
  • Bulk selection
  • Email filtering
  • Pagination support
  • Custom styling
Agenda Component

Deploy white-labeled calendar views with full functionality control.

  • Custom color coding
  • Clickable event summaries
  • Pinch-to-zoom for mobile
  • Free/busy support
  • Multiple calendar support
Contact List Component

Build feature-rich, clean and functional address book UIs.

  • Sortable and searchable
  • Last email date
  • Contact multi-select
Conversation Component

View email as a conversation.

  • Chat-style view
  • Custom styling
  • Message date & time stamp
  • Email address visibility
  • Show/hide contact avatars

Turn API data into intuitive interfaces

Give your users robust and extensible UI/UX features built to work seamlessly with their email, calendar and contacts data.

More than 45+ Available integrations

Drive dynamic engagement across applications

Integrated user experiences

Customize the front-end UI to ensure seamless user experiences.

Pre-built integrations

All components have been integrated with the Nylas APIs.

Available to everyone

Components are available as an add-on to any customer using Nylas APIs.

Increased productivity

Allow your users to leverage communications data within your application.

Our simple three step process

  1. Get a free API key

    Create an account to unlock the full platform for 30 days – no credit card required

  2. Build integrations quickly

    With just a few lines of code, you can get full CRUD capabilities and bi-directional sync.

  3. Connect all your users

    Whether you’re connecting 100 or 100 million accounts, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

Ready to start building?

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