Create exceptional experiences recruiters love

Power your applicant tracking system (ATS) with features that streamline interview scheduling and candidate communications.

Quickly launch features that automate recruiting workflows

Recruiters spend 8 hours each week on scheduling alone. Power your application with time-saving automation features they can’t live without.

Build complex communication features without the headache

Candidate experience is key to hiring top talent. Build reliable communication processes and complex meeting logic to improve the hiring process for everyone.

Powering the world’s top applications

Deliver the dynamic scheduling and communication features recruiters need

Save money

Build ATS features quickly with one engineer, not ten.

Win back time

Save time and get to market in days, not months.

Optimize resources

Free up resources to focus on differentiating features.

Experience the Nylas difference

Build features that streamline recruiting operations

Eliminate tasks that slow recruiters down. Deliver reliable communication features and automate processes that remove bottlenecks.

Provide insight for predictive hiring

Parse relevant information from candidate messages and calendar events to analyze engagement, sentiment, and critical data needed to assess and optimize recruiting efficiency.

Accelerate your product roadmap

Save money and free up your development team. Quickly stand up powerful productivity features in your application without sacrificing your roadmap.

Schedule interviews efficiently

Quickly schedule interviews with candidates, hiring managers, and panels of interviewers without the back-and-forth.

Fill positions faster

Expedite qualified candidates throughout the recruiting funnel by automating tasks such as screening applications, reaching out to candidates, and scheduling interviews.

Convert candidates at a higher rate

Increase communication touchpoints to avoid leaving candidates in the dark. Schedule interactions based on candidate criterias such as availability and optimal email send times.

Help recruiters focus on recruiting

Enhance your applicant tracking system with features that automate mundane tasks and take the pain out of hiring.



Scheduling one interview can take as long as two hours and finding a time that works for everyone can be difficult.

Cut down scheduling time and automatically coordinate interviews based on individual or group availability.

Recruiters spend as much as 20 hours a week creating tailored content for candidate outreach.

Automate emails and reminders directly from your application to increase engagement and improve candidate response rates.

Building communication integrations can be complex and requires a significant amount of time and money.

Deliver robust communication features without the heavy lift. With our APIs, you can build once and scale as you grow.

Pre-built productivity solutions any developer can deploy

Availability search

Allow users to easily schedule meetings based on criteria like the earliest availability for all participants.

Automated communications

Automatically send personalized email communications and reminders to candidates.

Data extraction and conversion

Parse relevant information from candidate messages and calendar events directly into your ATS to increase knowledge-share across teams.

Multi-calendar booking

Add interviews to every participants’ calendar, both inside and outside your organization.

Unified inbox

Funnel candidate communications into a single location where users can view and reply.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Parse data from cover letters and resume attachments directly into your ATS.

Smart search and filtering

Easily access files and attachments from candidate communications in one location.

Tracking and analytics

Track email performance metrics like opens, clicks, and replies to optimize recruiting efficiency.

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