12/07 Recital eliminates hours of tedious contract management for lawyers with integrated email capabilities

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Email and scheduling capabilities made simple


Seamlessly integrate your users’ emails, calendars, and contacts

Accelerate product velocity with a single platform to connect to your users’ emails, calendars, and contacts, empowering you to build customizable email and scheduling capabilities.

Build email and scheduling workflows faster with Nylas

Launch critical features way ahead of schedule by spending less time on email and calendar infrastructure and more time on your product 
roadmap. Leverage our SDKs, CLI, and code templates to reduce time spent building so you can focus on your customers.

curl --request POST \
  --url https://api.nylas.com/events \
  --data '{
  "title": "Nyla Weekly Party!",
  "status": "confirmed",
  "busy": true,
  "participants": [
      "name": "Aristotle",
      "email": "aristotle@nylas.com",
      "status": "yes"
  "description": "Come ready to party!",
  "when": {
    "time": 1408875644
  "location": "NylasHQ",
  "recurrence": {
    "rrule": [
    "timezone": "America/New_York"
const event = new Event(nylas, {
  calendarId: 1,
  title: 'Send calendar events using Nylas calendar API',
  when: { startTime: 1654023600, endTime: 1654027200 },
  participants: [
    { name: Nyla, email: nyla@nylas.com }
  location: 'NylasHQ!'

const { id, calendarId, title } = await event.save();
console.log({ id, calendarId, title });
event = nylas.events.create()

event.title = "Send calendar events using Nylas calendar API"
event.location = "NylasHQ"
event.when = {"start_time": 1654023600, "end_time": 1654027200}
event.participants = [{"name": "Nyla", 'email': "nyla@nylas.com"}]
event.calendar_id = "1"
event = nylas.events.create(
  title: "Send calendar events using Nylas calendar API",
  location: "NylasHQ",
    start_time: 1654023600,
    end_time: 1654027200
  participants: [
    name: "Nyla",
    email: "nyla@nylas.com"
  calendar_id: "1",
  notify_participants: true


public class createEvent {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws RequestFailedException, IOException {
        Event event = new Event("1", when);

        when = new Event.Timespan(sixPmUtc, sixPmUtc.plus(1, ChronoUnit.HOURS));

        event.setTitle("Send calendar events using Nylas calendar API!");
        event.setDescription("Let's celebrate our calendar integration!!");
          Arrays.asList(new Participant("nyla@nylas.com").name("Nyla"))

        account.events().create(event, true);
curl --request POST \
  --url https://api.nylas.com/contacts \
  --data '{
  "birthday": "2014-06-01",
  "company_name": "Nylas",
  "emails": [
      "email": "nyla@nylas.com",
      "type": "work"
  "given_name": "Nyla",
  "job_title": "Nylas Mascot",
  "phone_numbers": [
      "number": "1 800 GO NYLAS",
      "type": "business"
  "web_pages": [
      "type": "work",
      "url": "nylas.com"
const contact = new Contact(nylas);

// The following attributes can be modified for the contact object
contact.givenName = 'Nyla'
contact.birthday = '2014-06-01'
contact.companyName = 'Nylas'
contact.jobTitle = 'Communications Platform'
contact.officeLocation = 'San Francisco'
contact.notes = 'Check out the Nylas Email, Calendar, and Contacts APIs'

contact.emailAddresses = [new EmailAddress({
  type: 'work', email: 'nyla@nylas.com'

contact = nylas.contacts.create()

contact.given_name = 'Nyla'
contact.office_location = 'San Francisco'
contact.company_name = 'Nylas'
contact.notes = 'Check out the Nylas Email, Calendar, and Contacts APIs'
contact.manager_name = 'Communications'
contact.job_title = 'Communications Platform'
contact.birthday = datetime(2014, 6, 1)

contact.emails['work'] = ['nyla@nylas.com']

contact = nylas.contacts.create

contact.given_name = 'Nyla'
contact.office_location = 'San Francisco'
contact.company_name = 'Nylas'
contact.notes =
  'Check out the Nylas Email, Calendar, and Contacts APIs'
contact.manager_name = 'Communications'
contact.job_title = 'Communications Platform'
contact.birthday = '2014-06-01'
contact.emails = [
  type: 'work',
  email: 'nyla@nylas.com'



public class NylasExamples {
    public static void createContact() throws IOException, RequestFailedException {
        Contact contact = new Contact();
        contact.setOfficeLocation("San Francisco");
        contact.setNotes("Check out the Nylas Email, Calendar, and Contacts APIs");
        contact.setJobTitle("Communications Platform");
        contact.setEmails(Arrays.asList(new Contact.Email("work", "nyla@nylas.com")));
        contact = account.contacts().create(contact);

Turn insights into innovation

Combine universal connectivity with communications data to harness real-time insights that enable quick decision-making, customizable workflow automation and personalized customer experiences.


Extract email insights

Access email data to fuel business intelligence. Leverage out-of-the-box analytics, such as open rates, reply tracking, and link tracking to build robust email capabilities faster.

Integrate our Email API today

Customize scheduling workflows

Save users time with configurable scheduling capabilities and provide instant booking based on availability across many calendars and time zones.

Invest in real time scheduling

Parse 1st-party data

Extract email data to unlock holistic views of your customers and personalize experiences to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

Extract data with email parsing

Create one-of-a-kind experiences

Engage users with personalized email and scheduling capabilities that increase usage and productivity within your application.


Modernize your CRMs

Drive your business forward by helping your users close more sales deals in less time, all without leaving your CRM application.

  • Enable users to send personalized email outreach with 99.6% deliverability
  • Accelerate sales cycles with real-time insights from customer email data
Improve CRM workflows

Increase recruiting efficiency

Reduce time-to-hire and enable recruiters to provide exceptional candidate experiences in your ATS.

  • Simplify complex interview scheduling workflows with round-robin capabilities
  • Build reliable email features to optimize personalized recruiter outreach
Start recruiting smarter

Enhance your PropTech experience

Deliver engaging email and scheduling experiences to modernize core real estate business processes.

  • Connect buyers, brokers, and tenants with embedded email
  • Empower users to schedule home viewings and other appointments
Simplify your PropTech software

Streamline customer support

Give agents the capabilities needed to resolve issues faster, increase CSAT scores, and maximize retention.

  • Unify historical communication in a single source of truth to improve team productivity 
  • Help agents schedule appointments more efficiently based on free/busy availability
Improve your customer service

Powered by Nylas

A big value

“A big value that Nylas has brought us has been removing the ambiguity with the review process. Nylas is a great partner and we could feel certain that the process was going to go smoothly.”

Monika Abraham

Product Operations Manager

A breath of fresh air

“We were spending most of our time fixing problems rather than improving our product. Nylas removed these email integration problems from the equation. It was a breath of fresh air…”

Stjepan Buljat


The best solution in the market

“We have such a complex platform that we can’t implement every solution on our own, so we look for the best solutions in the market – that’s why we chose Nylas.”

Maksym Dudnyk

Product Manager

Solved a critical problem

“One of the top three reasons our customers churn was email deliverability. Nylas solved a critical problem for us overnight. We went from close to 0% to nearly 100% deliverability.”

Justin Belobaba


Frees us up to focus

“We have millions of emails sent each week. Nylas frees us up to focus on…delivering new features to our customers and working with our data science team on exciting new projects.”

Nora Ignatius

Product Manager

One platform, endless possibilities.

Universal connectivity

Easily connect your application with your users’ email, calendar, and contacts without building and maintaining individual integrations to each provider.

Time to market

Launch critical features months or years faster by spending less time on email and calendar infrastructure and more time on your product roadmap.

Reliability & performance

Enjoy best-in-class performance with Nylas’ guaranteed 99.99% uptime and no maintenance downtime.

Everything connected. Everything secure.

Security is our top priority. We’re committed to ensuring the unwavering safety of your company’s data. The Nylas platform adheres to the most rigorous security and compliance standards to make sure 

With security built into the core of our products, you can rest assured knowing your data will always be safe, secure, and protected.

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