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Intelligent Workflow Automations Coming to the Nylas Platform

Platform updates help developers quickly and securely build new productivity features for their end-users.

Build Complete Email Draft & Send Functionality with Nylas

Learn how the Nylas Email API makes it easy to integrate with 100% of email providers to add complete email draft and send functionality to your app.

Reduce Deployment Time by 30% With Continuous Delivery and GitHub Actions

Learn how Nylas improved our continuous delivery pipeline by migrating from Jenkins to GitHub Actions.

Fighting for Equality

A statement from Nylas CEO and co-founder Gleb Polyakov.

Why We Made A Diversity & Inclusion Group and How to Make Your Own

At Nylas, diversity and inclusivity is more than just a company value; it’s how we think and operate.

How We Use Python to Sync Billions of Emails

At PyBay 2017, Nylas CTO Christine Spang explains the ins-and-outs of how Nylas uses Python.