How LeadGenius Generated $50M+ In Revenue By Using Nylas APIs

How LeadGenius used Nylas to help generate $50M+ in pipeline revenue.

How LeadGenius Generated $50M+ In Revenue By Using Nylas APIs - Nylas
“Our customers generated over $50 million in pipeline revenue through Nylas…which is a big success for us!”

— Anand Kulkarni, Founder of LeadGenius

LeadGenius equips sales and marketing teams with custom B2B lead data at scale. Using a combination of machine learning and real human researchers, it helps businesses find and connect with customers. Founded in 2011, LeadGenius helps companies like Box, Google, and Stripe automate lead generation and optimize lead-to-customer conversion rates.

The LeadGenius service includes email outreach campaigns. It manages the initial outreach, then sends personalized messages on behalf of its users to nurture prospects into customers.

LeadGenius needed email functionality to scale

As LeadGenius grew, it became increasingly challenging for the company to provide its full service email and outreach management experience at scale. Their teams had to buy ToutApp licenses and use them on their clients’ behalf. This process was error-prone, unscalable, and sometimes resulted in lost customers due to human error.

Adding to the complexity of the problem, the company’s users were siloed behind their archaic email providers and protocols. Gmail, Exchange, and IMAP segment all their various potential users onto disparate systems, and their business logic didn’t have the capability to connect to email directly. They decided to bring email automation in-house and evaluated the Nylas Cloud APIs as the basis for building their own tools.

Nylas Cloud APIs provided a fast, secure solution

“We had to decide between using Nylas, making our own version, or not offering email outreach at all. If we had to do this ourselves, it would have been an absolute disaster. If we didn’t use the Nylas Cloud APIs, it would have taken 6–12 months just to get a prototype, and another 6 months before it was production ready,” said Max Mautner, the LeadGenius engineering manager who led the email project.

“If we didn’t use the Nylas Cloud APIs, it would have taken 6–12 months just to get a prototype, and probably another 6 months before it was production ready.”

The Nylas Cloud APIs are also built around data privacy and security. Unlike its competitors, Nylas is an infrastructure company that never resells or mines customer data. “Email is incredibly private, valuable, and sensitive data with a high risk for misuse,” explains Max. “[Our relationship with Nylas] makes data security and infrastructure reliability a priority.”

After evaluating the options, LeadGenius decided that using the Nylas Cloud APIs was the obvious choice. By building with Nylas Cloud, LeadGenius designed, implemented, and deployed its solution in a matter of weeks.

LeadGenius customers generated $50M+ in pipeline revenue through Nylas

“We were really impressed with the speed and efficiency with which our team was able to develop against the Nylas Cloud APIs. Our developers built a version in just weeks, which was pretty unbelievable,” says Anand Kulkarni, CEO of LeadGenius. “A lot of the feature developments that we’ve planned around email in our product will be facilitated by the cool stuff that Nylas exposes to us via the API. We love the ability to be agnostic to email provider and reach all our potential customers with just one API.”

The Nylas Cloud APIs gave the LeadGenius team a powerful and flexible email outreach platform, immediately providing support for hundreds of email providers and the ability to connect to billions of users. The Nylas Cloud APIs opened new markets for LeadGenius to fulfill customer needs where previously they couldn’t.

Nylas made it easy for LeadGenius to demonstrate the value of their services, and gave a better way for their customers to extract value from the leads we provide. “We’ve seen our customers generate over $50 million in pipeline revenue through Nylas,” says Kulkarni. “They’re generating a huge amount of business through the product, which is a big success for us!”

Nylas is the next-gen platform for building enterprise communication products. The Nylas Cloud API works with over 2.5 billion inboxes, syncing email, calendar, and contacts data bi-directionally with your website or application. With Nylas Cloud, you can focus on building the features that your customers love, and less time dealing with infrastructure.


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