Nylas Acquires June.ai

Nylas acquires June.ai technology to add AI to its platform of universal communications APIs.

Nylas Acquires June.ai

At Nylas, our mission is to make it easy for any developer to build robust communications and workflow features into their application in a fraction of the time. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the next big milestone on that journey: our acquisition of June.ai, a powerful email and productivity tool that combines AI/ML, data extraction, and sentiment analysis to improve the experience of reading and replying to email.

Integrating June.ai’s core technology with Nylas’ universal email, calendar, and contacts APIs will enable developers to create sophisticated workflow automations within mobile and web applications, leveraging the rich data that exists in their customer’s inboxes, calendars, and contacts. Nylas already makes it easy for developers to integrate these disparate data sources with ease, and June.ai’s technology adds another layer of functionality that will amplify user’s productivity. 



The features our technologies can support are as vast as the range of industries they serve.  By unlocking the rich data that lives in email, calendar, and contacts books and distributing it to the tools that we use every day to do our jobs – CRMs, Fintech tools, ATS’s, HealthTech, Travel and Real Estate, to name a few – we tear down the technical siloes that slow productivity and growth, making it possible for businesses and teams to collaborate better and focus on important tasks while doing less manual work.

There’s simply no limit to the possibilities that bringing June.ai and Nylas together will bring to our customers.  Our joint team is incredibly thankful for the massive amount of interest for the June.ai beta. While June.ai’s unreleased email client will be sunsetted, we are excited that the powerful tech the team has  built will live on through the Nylas platform.

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