Automatically Capture & Export Important Contact Data with Signature Extraction

Signature Extraction provides an intelligent workflow for contact enrichment.

Signature Extraction provides an intelligent workflow for contact enrichment.

Email signatures contain incredibly rich data that can be used to keep contacts records up-to-date.  Everything from a person’s name to their phone number, address, email address, social media profiles, and more is all contained at the end of their emails; however, manually storing, tracking, and updating contact records wastes valuable user time.

Today, Nylas is introducing a new productivity-boosting feature to help your users keep their contact records up to date automatically. Signature Extraction, a feature of the Nylas Email API,  enables you to automatically detect and parse signatures from emails to add or update within a user’s address book or CRM. Your users no longer will have to spend time updating contacts manually, they can send emails and make calls with confidence that they’re working with the most up-to-date contact information.

Nylas Neural API,  enables you to automatically detect and parse signatures from emails to add or update within a user’s address book or CRM.

Contacts Data is Locked in Email Signatures

Contact data is technically challenging to capture due to the nuanced specifications from different contacts providers. Building a method to automatically extract signature information requires both entity extraction protocols and advanced machine learning models. Without building these features, your users would have to manually track and update information on their own. Both of these routes require time: time spent building technical models or time spent manually inputting data.

Automatically Extract Signatures with a Single API Call

With a single API call, Signature Extraction saves time for both your team and your users. Nylas provides advanced extraction models allowing you to pass in a message_id to automatically parse the signature object embedded inside an email body. 

Signature Extraction is available via a single PUT request to the Signature endpoint, passing a list of IDs for the messages that you want to modify:

curl --request PUT '' \

--header 'Authorization: Bearer <access_token>' \

--data-raw '{

    "message_id": ["<message_id>"]


This will return a list of the message objects that now include a new value for the signature attribute:


    "subject": "Post-Atmospheric Thrust Angles",

    "signature": "Katherine Johnson, Chief Scientist",

    "from": [


            "email": "",

            "name": "Katherine Johnson"




With access to the email signatures, you can now extract additional contact information from email conversations that might not be available in your user’s contacts book.

Every industry Relies on Contacts

Having up-to-date contact information is a real competitive advantage for any company, but manually updating information is a frustrating and time-consuming user experience. Signature Extraction provides a fast and seamless solution for every industry and product type. Below are just two examples:

  • CRM: Throughout the sales cycle, sales reps speak with various stakeholders. Manually inputting different contacts into CRMs takes up valuable time that reps could spend working on deals. Signature Extraction enables CRMs to capture stakeholder information and empower sales reps with always accurate information.

  • ATS: Recruiters are constantly communicating with candidates for many open roles. Building out candidate profiles takes time since recruiters need to have accurate information regarding contact information and titles. With Signature Extraction, recruiters do not need to worry about the accuracy of their address books. Signature Extraction automatically updates their records in the ATS with the most accurate candidate profile information. 

Always Have Accurate Contact Data

Empower your users with always accurate and up to date contact information parsed directly from emails. Signature Extraction not only advances your platform’s intelligence features but also reduces the time your users spend on manual tasks. Explore other productivity-boosting features like Clean Conversations.

Speak to a platform specialist now to learn more about Signature Extraction along with other features of the Nylas Email API.

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