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A developer's guide to Generative AI

Understanding and assessing how developers and technical teams are harnessing this revolutionary technology

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Build apps that land email in the inbox, not spam

In-app email features have become table stakes for software that requires user communications, like platforms…

The 7 biggest technical challenges of building scheduling software

Integrating calendar and scheduling functionality into your application can be a herculean task that adds…

Robotic Automation
The next generation of robotic process automation developer tools

Robotic process automation (RPA) tools have long been utilized to automate repetitive software tasks. But…

The ROI of building scheduling features into your app now

Now more than ever, as product and service engagement interactions move online, scheduling solutions are…

The ROI of integrating email into your app now

Email communications are critical to modern SaaS companies. Email usage and users still far outpace…

The API buyer’s guide

In this guide, we’ll outline the key questions technical leaders should ask when considering an…

Nylas introduces new omnichannel reminders for its Calendar API

As companies look to simplify meeting organization without adopting new tools and processes, leveraging widely-used…

An introduction to productivity infrastructure

Productivity Infrastructure is an emerging market category that combines elements of cloud communications services, API…

The developer’s guide to IMAP

IMAP isn’t as simple as login, fetch, log out — underneath the surface, IMAP contains…

GraphQL vs. REST APIs

Is GraphQL the Future? How Can You Implement it Now? Is it time for you…

The ultimate guide to integrating email, calendars & contacts into your app

Learn how to get the biggest ROI from your email, calendar, and contacts integration.

The ultimate Gmail API & Google Calendar API integration guide

Gmail remains the world’s most popular email platform with over 1.8 billion users worldwide. Adding…

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