Sync Any Calendar With Your Application

Building scheduling and calendar sync features is mission-critical for many software companies. And yet, any developer who has built one knows it’s no easy feat. Developers need to build unique connections with each calendar provider, and the infrastructure varies between Gmail,, Exchange, Office 365 and the rest. Building the features for just one of these providers could take as long as 12 months or more. That’s why we built the Nylas Calendar API, so developers can build calendar connectivity into their application with ease.


Save 24 Months of Developer Time with the Nylas Calendar API

The Nylas Calendar API acts as a layer of abstraction on top of all calendar providers. With just four lines of code, you can add full-featured scheduling & calendar sync to your application with ease.


Integrate Once; Connect to All

The Nylas Calendar API integrates every calendar provider into your application.


Enable Full Calendar CRUD

Allow users to create, read, update, and delete events all within your application.


Create Events From IMAP

Create events from invitations sent via email.


Unify Calendar Data

Build team-wide calendar visibility.

Build Calendar Connectivity in 4 Lines of Code

The Nylas Calendar API provides a seamless calendar integration across any calendar provider. Power your application with full CRUD and bi-directional sync from any calendar in the world.

const Nylas = \require ('nylas');   Nylas.config({ appId: APP_ID, appSecret: APP_SECRET, });   var nylas = \Nylas.with(ACCESS_TOKEN); .count( ) .then(count => { console.log( `You have ${count} events.` ); });
from nylas import APIClient   nylas = APIClient( APP_ID, APP_SECRET, ACCESS_TOKEN, )
events = starts_after=1514764800, limit=5, )   for events in events: print(events.title)
require 'nylas'   nylas = app_id: APP_ID, app_secret: APP_SECRET, access_token: ACCESS_TOKEN )   events = \"Hello!")  events.each do |events| puts events.title end

“It took Fountain one internal hackathon, one engineer, and the Nylas Calendar API to build the scheduling feature they had in mind, uniting users’ calendars regardless of their calendar platform.

Nylas is the fastest way to get interoperability with all of the different calendar providers. We went from idea to execution in a couple days.”



Product Manager at Fountain

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How do I get started with the Nylas Calendar API?

You can create a developer account with Nylas and sync up to 10 calendars from different users for free using the Nylas Calendar API here.

Where do I access the Nylas Calendar API key?

You can access the Calendar API key directly from your Nylas dashboard. One key unlocks access to any calendar provider in the world! Exciting, we know.

How do my users activate calendar sync?

Your users can kick-start full calendar sync simply by granting Nylas access to their account. Your users will input their credentials and then be redirected back to your application.

What kinds of companies use the Nylas Calendar API?

Learn how customers in the CRM, ATS, automotive, finance and legal industries use the Nylas Calendar API on our case studies page.

What language is the Nylas Calendar API built on?

Python! We love Python at Nylas; it’s reliable and robust, just like our Calendar API itself.

How is the Calendar API secured?

The Nylas Calendar API encrypts 100% of your data with enterprise-grade security standards. In addition, Nylas is GDPR compliant, SOC 2 compliant, and HIPAA and FINRA ready.

What are the pricing options for the Nylas Calendar API?

You can sync up to 10 user’s calendars for free for 30 days. After that, pricing is based on the number of accounts you have synced; you can view our pricing page for more details.

Additional questions about building your calendar integration?

Check out our comprehensive Getting Started guide.