How To Drive Repurchases With Personalized E-Commerce Experiences

Learn how e-commerce services can leverage personalization across their purchasing funnel to drive repurchases, retention, and maximize gross merchandise value.

How To Drive Repurchases With Personalized E-Commerce Experiences

This post is an excerpt of our ebook, Improving the End-To-End Purchase Experience To Maximize Gross Merchandise Value.

In this post, we’ll show you how e-commerce services firms can leverage personalization across their purchasing funnel to maximize repurchases, retention, and gross merchandise value (GMV).

How can personalization drive repurchases and GMV?

Personalized experiences have a strong impact on revenue: one study found that retailers with advanced personalization realized a 25% lift in revenue. Customers want to feel valued and noticed by brands. Hyper-personalization is proven to increase revenue, as customers are more likely to do business with companies that provide personalized experiences. Creating an emotional connection to your customers through personalized interactions will help your company earn their continued engagement. 

Customers have grown to expect personalized experiences. So much so that 90% of customers anticipate seamless integration all across various channels and devices. When they don’t experience personalized attention, 78% of customers will avoid your offers.

By deeply connecting to your customers’ inboxes and employing robust parsers (such as Nylas Inbox Parsers), you can unlock direct insight into purchasing behaviors. You can use these insights to strengthen existing personalization efforts across the purchasing funnel and deliver entirely new user experiences. Before a customer makes a purchase, you can leverage inbox parsers to extract customer communications data that powers the following use cases: 

  • Offer coupons to entice hesitant buyers
  • Notify customers who have expressed interest in relevant promotions
  • Guarantee the best price 
  • Direct them to blog posts or other resources related to the products they’re considering

After a customer purchases your product, you can surface other offers, including: 

  • Suggesting other items to buy based on purchase history   
  • Providing information about getting the most value out of the products they purchased
  • Offering coupons or promotions based on purchase history
  • Including customers in a loyalty rewards program

Above, we see an example of how you can surface personalized offers within your e-commerce application. After your customer receives their package, you can direct them to recommendations for similar products. If you work in contract logistics, you can use these personalized recommendations to point customers towards relevant affiliate brands. 

By tapping into customer communications data, you can boost repurchases and drive gross merchandise value with hyper-personalized offers and promotions. You can even surface similar offers both pre- and post-purchase to deliver stronger recommendations that keep your customers coming back. 

Personalize Experiences Across the End-To-End Purchasing Funnel

You’ve seen how you can use inbox parsers to hyper-personalize e-commerce offers at scale. Now, learn how you can take control of your customer’s email data to deliver stickier experiences across the purchasing funnel by speaking with a Nylas Specialist today.

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