FinTech Platforms Use Email API to Power Communications

There’s a bull market for email APIs in the FinTech space

FinTech Platforms Use Email API to Power Communications - Nylas

FinTech is evolving at the speed of light thanks to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, AI, and one technology you might not expect: an email API. They’re disrupting an industry that’s riddled by legacy systems and processes using APIs to build better software and meet the needs of modern consumers.

With the help of an email API, FinTech companies are able to focus and execute on automation, customization, and personalization with more agility than legacy companies who are often constrained by more traditional systems. As a result, FinTech products are going to market faster with embedded communications that enable users to communicate with context.

The Nylas Email API saves financial organizations months of development time by providing the most comprehensive out of the box email integration available. The Nylas Email API acts as a layer of abstraction on top of all email providers including Gmail,, IMAP, and the rest. With just a few lines of code, developers can add full-featured, bi-directional email sync to their applications with ease.

Email APIs Increase User Engagement in Financial CRMs

The average financial advisor serves about 156 customers on a rolling basis. With an email API, financial CRMs save advisors hours of time each week by centralizing communications (and syncing them between users’ inboxes and the financial CRM), task management, and automation of manual data entry.

Financial CRM Wealthbox decided to build an embedded email client called Wealthbox Mail for the Wealthbox platform to send email and sync with users’ email services- and they turned to the Nylas Email API to do it. Nylas powers email sending, analytics, and templates within Wealthbox, and provides two-way email, calendar, and contacts sync between every Wealthbox users’ inbox and the Wealthbox CRM.


Email APIs Improve Client Communication for Tax Professionals

FinTech companies are also leveraging APIs to build email features for CPAs and other tax professionals that help them keep a record of all email communications with a given client in one central location. This helps tax professionals make informed decisions about their clients’ filing needs and enables them to be more efficient with their time.

Tax professionals handle documents filled with important data and often have several touchpoints of communication with each client they serve. Every invoice, paystub, and financial legality document is imperative to their overall filing process.

Companies like Canopy, a leading tax resolution platform that provides practice management software, save their users time through file sharing and storage, online payments, client intake surveys, requests and reminders to improve communication and information sharing.

With just a few lines of code, the Nylas Email API helped Canopy build features that allow their users to send, receive, and track emails all from within the Canopy platform. This system of record helps tax professionals organize their clients information and saves them the headache of having to save each communication into an associated file on a computer. With this feature, Canopy users can manage their work more efficiently, giving them more time focus on more creative tasks that require human touch.

The Bull Market Goes Beyond Email APIs

FinTech is making big leaps to meet consumer demands, and using more than just the Nylas API to do it. Many modern finance platforms use Stripe for payments, Twilio for text messages, Plaid to connect to bank accounts, and many other APIs that help companies go to market faster with features consumers love.

With these APIs, everyone from the developers building the apps to the end-users wins.

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