Announcing: Group and Collective Scheduling With Nylas Scheduler

Easily schedule meetings with multiple hosts and attendees.

Nylas Scheduler Group and Collective Features

In business, time is money. Wasting time attempting to schedule a meeting with a large group of busy people is expensive, 54% of meetings have 4-6 participants and 27% have 7-10. And in meeting-intensive professions, these challenges are magnified: 67% of recruiters say it takes between 30 minutes and two hours to schedule a single interview.

Automating the scheduling process gives people back time to focus on strategic business initiatives. What is the best way for companies to deliver engaging scheduling experiences without adding another application? Embed advanced scheduling features directly into your existing application.

Nylas’ powerful Scheduler allows software applications to connect with every calendar provider and provide a native scheduling solution. 

In addition to productivity-boosting such as round-robin and automated scheduling workflows based on participant availability, today we are excited to introduce two new features to the Nylas Scheduler: Collective and group scheduling.

Quickly Connect and Schedule Events on Multiple Calendars

Scheduling and managing meetings can be a tedious and time-consuming task. The average employee spends 30 minutes every day looking for time and space to collaborate with their coworkers. 

To improve scheduling workflows, Nylas Scheduler now has the following two meeting types:

  • Collective scheduling: Consolidate multiple hosts’ calendars and only show invitees times when everyone is available. The event is added to everyone’s calendar when the meeting is scheduled.
  • Group scheduling: Hosts can set meetings with invitee limits whether it is a class, webinar, or lecture. People interested in the event can then reserve their spots.

Here are a few examples of when to use these two new meeting types:

Group scheduling

  • EdTech: Professors using an EdTech application can leverage the Nylas Scheduler to host office hours with five open participant spots to meet with small numbers of students at a time.
  • HRTech: People representatives often hold HR meetings to answer any questions employees may have. Representatives can leverage Nylas Scheduler to set an attendance limit, to ensure all questions are answered. 

Collective scheduling

  • Applicant Tracking System:  When scheduling interviews, recruiters need to accommodate many calendars to ensure everyone can attend. Recruiters can use Collective scheduling to schedule with multiple panelists and the interviewee – freeing up time for strategic tasks.
  • Sales: Sales reps constantly schedule meetings with various stakeholders and need deal cycles to stay on track. Internal stakeholders can leverage Nylas Scheduler so that reps can easily find a time where all stakeholders are free to meet.

Save Time and Automate Scheduling with Group and Collective Scheduling Features

Reducing manual tasks gives everyone more time to focus on their business-critical work. Meetings are a vital part of the workday, but meeting management needs to be automated to maximize productivity. Nylas Scheduler’s new group and collective scheduling features can help you and your team do more with less and make your application even more efficient.

Automated scheduling empowers you to quickly set up meetings without having to check calendars or even leave the application.

Speak to a Nylas Platform Specialist now to learn more about the Nylas Scheduler.

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