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Introducing Nylas Scheduler v3: Experience the future of in-app scheduling

Get early access to modular, decomposable, and customizable components for native scheduling in your app.

How to create a scheduler with Python and Taipy

Want to build your own scheduler? Taipy is an awesome full-stack Python framework, combine with Nylas and you have a winner

Upcoming events from contacts using FastAPI

Do you need to get all your upcoming events from your contacts? Here’s the Python’s FastAPI guide for you.

How to receive data from an iframe

In this blog post we explore how to receive data from an iframe.

12+ best calendar & appointment scheduling software [2023]

Organize and optimize your business and scheduling processes with the best calendar and appointment scheduling software of 2023.

How to create a scheduling calendar to organize events: A step-by-step guide

Discover how to create an event schedule with minimal effort. Create events, update them and distribute them with ease.

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