How Nylas leads with cutting-edge API security and privacy practices

Learn about Nylas’ commitment to advanced API security and privacy as we release our latest product enhancements.

How Nylas leads with cutting-edge API security

Every business and technical leader will tell you that data is like the new oil. And in the world of technology, APIs are the pipelines that facilitate its flow. As we increasingly depend on APIs, such as those offered by Nylas, for various online services, mobile apps, and cloud-based operations, ensuring API security and privacy has become more critical than ever. And developers share this sentiment — according to our recent survey, more than half (53%) of respondents reported security and compliance are the top features they look for in an API.

Security and privacy have always been top priorities for Nylas, and with the introduction of API v3, we are taking another step forward in this commitment. Our latest updates go beyond keeping pace with tech advancements; they position us at the forefront of secure data management, offering our users the highest level of data protection. With API v3, users can expect innovative and robust features that further secure their digital interactions and data exchanges. 

Data storage & security

Ensuring the security of the data stored is crucial for Nylas, especially due to the nature of data handled by our APIs and related services. 

Building on our strong security foundation, we’re excited to announce a new feature in our v3 APIs for non-IMAP (Google and Microsoft) accounts: they will no longer store any email or event data. This enhancement addresses the industry’s age-old data storage dilemma while simultaneously boosting Nylas APIs’ performance.

For IMAP account users, rest assured that your data continues to be stored securely, backed by robust security controls, including: 

  • Strict access control to ensure only authorized personnel can access data
  • Encryption at rest with industry-standard algorithms like AES-256
  • Industry-standard data backup and redundancy mechanisms to ensure high availability and quick response during unexpected disasters or losses
  • Data retention and transparency controls are in place to ensure customers are entirely in control of their data

Trust & compliance

Third-party APIs, like Nylas, are essentially external services integrated into a company’s digital infrastructure, similar to incorporating a component from another’s security system into one’s own. This integration necessitates heightened trust and assurance in the security measures employed by these external APIs. 

In this scenario, the robustness of Nylas’ API security directly impacts safeguarding your organization’s data and the integrity of its services. A lapse in security measures in such APIs can lead to vulnerabilities, potentially exposing sensitive data to unauthorized access or malicious attacks. That’s why it’s imperative for organizations to meticulously evaluate and select third-party APIs that demonstrate compliance with established security standards and regulations. 

Nylas provides strong guardrails around security and compliance that can help you accelerate meeting requirements. Our APIs are compliant with the following security frameworks:

  • SOC 2 Type II
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27701
  • CSA Cloud Security Alliance 

Read this blog post to learn more about how we achieved success in our 2023 compliance audits. You can also visit to view these reports and better understand Nylas’ security and privacy practices.


At Nylas, we understand privacy is pivotal to building and maintaining customer trust, complying with legal privacy standards, and protecting against data misuse. Lacking proper privacy measures could expose sensitive information, potentially leading to severe consequences such as identity theft or the compromise of confidential information.

Additionally, various legal and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR in Europe, mandate personal data protection. By prioritizing privacy, Nylas ensures compliance with these laws, helping businesses avoid legal repercussions and maintaining a reputation as a law-abiding service provider. 

Utilizing Nylas’ APIs will ensure compliance with:

  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • The GLBA Privacy Rule
  • ISO 27701

We also offer DPAs, which are contractually a part of GDPR and CCPA compliance. For more information on how Nylas values privacy, refer to our privacy policy.

Technical security controls

For APIs like Nylas, implementing technical security measures and security-focused software development is essential. Having continuous and comprehensive security controls helps search for and identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the API’s code and overall infrastructure. It acts as a first line of defense against possible cyber attacks. 

Regularly implementing and improving security controls is critical for upholding high-security standards, adhering to regulatory compliance, and establishing and maintaining trust with users who depend on the API for safe data exchange and management. 

At Nylas, we have implemented the following technical controls implemented to secure users’ data:

  • Continuous secure code scans and static analysis at every stage of the development process 
  • Security & privacy-focused architecture and peer reviews, which include threat modeling
  • Regular vulnerability scanning on Nylas infrastructure
  • Continuous monitoring, alerting, and prevention of threats through the implementation of web application firewalls and intrusion detection systems

API security and privacy with Nylas

As APIs increasingly become key channels for data in online services, the need for rigorous security and privacy safeguards grows. Nylas’ launch of API v3 underscores our dedication to enhanced secure data management. 

Through comprehensive technical controls, a focus on privacy, and adherence to diverse security frameworks, Nylas strengthens our defenses against new digital threats for us, our users, and their end-users. Essential practices like ongoing code and vulnerability scans, along with strict data storage and access policies, are crucial in preserving the integrity and privacy of user data. 

Ready to start building with the highest standard of security and privacy in mind? Explore the capabilities of Nylas today. Start building for free, or speak with a platform specialist to discover how Nylas can elevate your platform with unparalleled API security and privacy.

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