Tag: Ruby

How to create and read Google Webhooks using Ruby

Create and read your Google webhooks using Ruby and Sinatra, and publish them using Koyeb. Here’s the full guide.

How to manage calendar events with the Ruby SDK

Do you need to manage calendar events with Ruby? This is your definitive guide for Ruby and the Nylas V3 API

How to locally test your Webhooks using Ruby

Tired of submitting changes every time you need to test your Ruby webhooks? Why not testing locally before deploying?

Email parsing with Ruby and ChatGPT

Do you need to parse email but find that Regular Expressions are too complicated? Why not explore the benefits of using AI to help you out

How to delete emails with the Gmail API and Ruby

Looking forward to Inbox Zero? This guide will help you out cleaning up your Gmail account using Ruby and Sinatra

How to build a scheduling application using Ruby and Sinatra

Do you want to create your own custom scheduling application with Ruby? Here’s an extensive guide for you including Virtual Calendars

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