Staffing Engine helps staffing firms quadruple hiring volume with Nylas

Location: Boulder, Colorado
  • Boosts website leads for staffing firms 2x
  • Increases customer hires by 400%
  • Launches email and scheduling features months faster
  • Builds communications capabilities in a fraction of the time with the Nylas Email and Calendar APIs

    Staffing Engine is a one-of-a-kind Recruiting Acceleration Platform that helps staffing firms manage drastically higher volumes of quality candidates through AI, accelerating their recruiting lifecycle and allowing them to grow faster. The platform combines conversational bots and meeting booking features to extend the productivity of recruiting professionals. 

    To accelerate AI adoption in the recruiting industry, Staffing Engine has built a suite of products designed to integrate seamlessly into recruiters’ sourcing workflows. 


    Unlocking a core channel for conversational AI

    When the Staffing Engine product team set out to build a conversational AI-powered chatbot for their platform, they knew that interview scheduling would be essential. Recruiters and other meeting-intensive professionals can spend as much as a full day each week booking and rebooking meetings. 

    Andrew Kimmell, Co-Founder of Staffing Engine, remarks “With the current state of conversational AI, meeting booking functionality is mandatory. Staffing firms need better ways to manage the high volumes of candidate and client inquiries that they receive daily on their website.” 

    Similarly, staffing firms struggle to manage applications from a wide variety of online job boards. “We built Staffing Engine to improve the end-to-end recruiting experience. That doesn’t stop at interview scheduling, which is why we’re designing products that remove repetitive tasks and help recruiters receive applications more efficiently,” explains Jay Cutler, Co-Founder of Staffing Engine.


    Selects Nylas to integrate communications + recruiting workflows 

    Staffing Engine needed to integrate with its users’ go-to communications services providers to support core functionality. But to meet the company’s ambitious product goals, the team had to ruthlessly prioritize, leveraging tools and technologies that increased the output of its development team. 

    “We didn’t ever consider building our scheduling capabilities in-house,” explains Kimmell. “We didn’t want to focus on all the UI that it would take to do that. We were already building so many things from scratch ourselves.” 

    After considering upfront costs, maintenance, and scalability, the team decided to try the Nylas Calendar API, a solution recommended by their colleagues at another firm in the staffing and referrals industry. “Our first use case was integrating meeting booking into our chatbot. With Engine Meetings, you can enable bots to ask candidates qualifying questions and book meetings right from your website 24/7.” 

    Booking meetings with Nylas + Staffing Engine

    With Nylas, the product team at Staffing Engine built a robust scheduling product designed to accelerate recruiter productivity and time-to-hire. But that’s not all: after launching its booking solution, the team wondered how else they might use Nylas APIs to solve customer pain points. 

    “We were reading the documentation and discovered that you could also use Nylas to authenticate into a user’s inbox,” says Cutler. “We had customers that were frustrated by shared email inboxes and manual processes, and figured there had to be a better way.” 

    Staffing Engine used documentation and other developer resources from Nylas to build an integration with leading email service providers that would allow for significantly faster response times. Now, staffing firms spend less time connecting the right lead to the right team, and more time growing their business. 


    Staffing Engine launches email and scheduling features fast 

    With the Nylas Email API, Staffing Engine built its email integration months faster than building from scratch. What’s more, the company accomplished this all without relying on any implementation support. “Our Nylas build required the lowest level of support we’ve ever needed for a third-party software solution,” says Cutler. “We didn’t have to start from scratch, allowing us to go live much faster.”    

    Staffing Engine’s Nylas-powered email products have unlocked considerable growth opportunities for its customers. With Staffing Engine, staffing firms have quadrupled their placements or the number of candidates who are successfully hired in new roles, cutting lead response times from nine hours to just three hours. This represents a 66% reduction in average follow-up time. 

    Also, Staffing Engine’s chatbot with automated scheduling capabilities has doubled its customers’ website leads, allowing them to qualify and meet top talent at scale. “In staffing, the phrase “time kills all deals” is more relevant than ever,” says Kimmell. “Nylas helps us make the entire recruiting process more efficient.”  

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    Jarvis Legal saves law professionals three hours a day with integrated email and calendar functionality

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    Leading accounting practice management platform closes 30% more deals with native email

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    CatchApp increases sales conversion rate 400% and launches new bookings platform three months faster with the Nylas Calendar API

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    Funnel increases ARR 150% using Nylas email and calendar APIs

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    Jobylon increases ARR 25% by adding native email and calendar functionality to their recruiting software

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