Modernize your PropTech experience

Deliver digital, frictionless, and omnichannel communications in your PropTech app.

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Create engaging experiences

Empower clients, agents, brokers, and property managers to communicate across their preferred channels.

Stand out from the competition
Stand out from the competition

Easily connect to any email provider, stand up turnkey scheduling solutions, and extract insights from unstructured communications data.

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Embed communications into your application, fast

Automated communications

Unify communications

Integrate with all of your users’ go-to communications channels.

Maximize user engagement

Transform user experience

Simplify critical real estate processes across the customer journey.

Automate scheduling

Empower users to focus on engaging clients with seamless appointment scheduling.

Experience the Nylas difference

Launch features faster
Launch communications features in days, not months

Quickly stand up bi-directional email, calendar, contacts, and SMS integrations. Unlock communications insights to uplevel user experience.

Turn user engagement into growth

Become the go-to property technology application in your vertical. Build a more convenient, seamless, and transparent experience for your users.

Empower your devs to launch more features faster

Free up critical developer resources and accelerate your product roadmap—let Nylas handle API updates and ongoing maintenance.

Application integration
Streamline transaction management

Streamline slow, tedious, and manual real estate processes such as scheduling, lease generation, transaction management, and more.

Increased productivity
Improve agent productivity

Shorten deal cycles and follow up with leads faster through standout communications features and quality-of-life capabilities.

Lowest cost, guaranteed
Maximize net operating income

Extract insights from user communications data to anticipate tenant turnover and identify opportunities to increase efficiency.

Modernize PropTech communications and scheduling

As competition in the property technology landscape heats up, your application needs to deliver the communications experiences that today’s clients and tenants expect.




Harness real-time communications data to make property ownership and management more convenient and transparent.


Deliver turnkey scheduling and productivity features that cut out manual work and make your products sticker.


Building integrations for every communications provider and channel will cost your organization considerable time and resources.


Leverage one integration to connect to 100% of email, calendar, and contacts providers.

Scalable solutions for PropTech communications

Email parsing

Email API

Easily connect agents’ inboxes with your application to deliver personalized 1-1 outreach.

Connect to every calendar

Calendar API

Coordinate appointments, maintenance, meetings, and other events in your application.


Streamline appointment scheduling with customizable UI and rich features.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis

Get a quick read on how customers feel, based on keywords and tone in messages.

Stand up contacts sync fast

Contacts API

Enrich your application with users’ contact data to improve agent productivity.

Ready to start building?

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