Nylas Announces Free Scheduling Solution for Healthcare Providers

March 27, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO/PRNewswire/ — Nylas, a leading provider of universal communications APIs for developers, today announced that it is offering its popular scheduling solution free to any healthcare provider administering services to coronavirus patients.

“With administrative work consuming approximately 16% of a physician’s working time, Nylas aims to help healthcare providers around the world increase the efficiency of scheduling resources and services in response to the global COVID-19 crisis,” says Gleb Polyakov, CEO and Co-Founder of Nylas. “We estimate that we can eliminate up to 9 hours of administrative tasks per week per physician with the Nylas Scheduler.”

Nylas Scheduler enables developers to quickly deploy an all-in-one scheduling solution on any website or application. Providers can then use the Nylas Scheduler to allow patients to easily schedule interactions with physicians and help supporting staff automate administrative tasks.

Nylas’ goal is to remove inefficiencies in important administrative tasks to improve communication and coordination between providers and patients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With Nylas Scheduler, patients will be able to book doctor’s visits without having to speak with a receptionist. Administrative staff can automatically route patient questions to physicians based upon availability and streamline the scheduling of resources such as examination rooms and medical devices.

The Nylas Scheduler is HIPAA-ready and works across all calendar service providers such as Google and Microsoft to provide universal coverage of important features and ease-of-use for patients, physicians, and administrators.

You can find more information here about Nylas’ efforts to help combat the global coronavirus crisis here.

About Nylas
Nylas is a pioneer and leading provider of universal communications APIs that allow developers to quickly connect their applications to every email, calendar, or contacts provider in the world. Over 26,000 developers around the globe use the Nylas communications platform to handle over 1 billion API requests per day to providers such as Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook.com, Yahoo! and more. 

Nylas was founded in 2013  and has raised over $30M to date from Spark Capital, 8VC, Slack, Data Collective, Fuel Capital, SV Angel and more. Nylas customers span from large enterprises such as Hyundai, Fox News Corp, Hubspot and Move.com to high-growth start-ups like Dialpad, Pipedrive, Lexicata, and Sparkpost. Learn more at www.nylas.com.