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Increasing Dev Velocity and Customer Experience through Bug Dives

Author: Annie Cook

Bug dives are a vehicle for better customer experience and faster bug resolutions

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Google OAuth Updates: 2019 Timeline and Everything Else You Need to Know

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FinTech Platforms Use Email API to Power Communications

Author: Serena Malkani
There’s a bull market for email APIs in the FinTech space
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5 Python Libraries We Love

Author: Maria Moy
A shoutout to some of our favorite open-source tools
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How Lead Liaison Built Real Time Email Sync Into Their Sales Enablement Application in Just Three Weeks [Video Interview]

Author: Serena Malkani
Nylas Fireside Chats: Episode 1
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Nylas SOC 2 Certification

How Nylas Got SOC 2 Certified and Why it Matters

Author: Tomasz Finc

Nylas set to out achieve SOC 2 certification for the trust principles of security and confidentiality. We're happy to share our certification process.

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How I Found Myself Learning About Time Changes in the Western Soviet Union

Lessons learned while building the Nylas Calendar API
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Burnout Prevention for Software Developers

Author: Serena Malkani

A conversation around how the technology community change their cultures to promote health and productivity in the workplace.

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Celebrating Success at Scale: How a Slackbot Unites Our Team

Author: Kevin Fayle
We built a Slackbot to do what a sales gong can’t -- keep everyone in the loop in real time
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Nylas Awarded 'Best in Business' by API World

Author: Serena Malkani
Nylas bridges the gap between 4.5 billion inboxes and software applications like CRMs, ATS's, and sales applications.
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Slack Bot-3.png

Build a Slackbot Scheduler in 30 Minutes!

Author: Annie Cook
Add events to your personal calendar with a simple Slack slash command and the Nylas API
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Blockchain Powered Email.png

Pre-announcing the Inevitable: Blockchain for Email

Thoughts Inspired by Vint Cerf
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Nylas API Contacts CRUD Now Supports iCloud

Author: Nathan Ju
Now with the support for iCloud contacts, developers can interface with more CRUD-supported, information-dense contacts.
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