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An Introduction to Email APIs and How You Can Use Them

Email is the de facto standard of communication for businesses of every size. Tens of billions of emails are sent every day, a non-stop conversation between businesses and their customers around the globe!

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Four Python Myths Debunked: Lessons Learned Building a Python Email API

We built our Python email API to handle billions of request per week, and dispelled four myths along the way.

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Bringing Structure to Infrastructure

Author: Breanne Boland

How our growing SRE team learned to coordinate, plan, and go beyond reacting to outages.

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The Developer's Guide to the Microsoft Exchange APIs (EAS, EWS, and Graph)

Learn how to integrate Microsoft Exchange data into your application.
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Autoscaling With AWS

A Site Reliability Engineer's deep-dive into imminent failures and how to avoid (or reduce) them with autoscaling.
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The Developer’s Guide to IMAP

Common pitfalls developers should avoid when using IMAP.

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New Features: Revoke All Tokens and Whitelisted IPs

We’re excited to announce two new features today: Revoke All Tokens and Whitelisted IPs!
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MyPy at Nylas

Not Your Pie, MyPy!

Author: Annie Cook
Mypy is an instrumental tool for increasing productivity and improving products - see why (with live code examples) here.
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How to Align Engineering and Customer Support

Author: Annie Cook
Bug dives are a vehicle for better customer experience and faster bug resolutions
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Google OAuth Updates: 2019 Timeline and Everything Else You Need to Know

2018 has been the year of sweeping security enhancements (hello, GDPR) and Google OAuth is the latest addition.
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FinTech Platforms Use Email API to Power Communications

Author: Serena Malkani
There’s a bull market for email APIs in the FinTech space
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5 Python Libraries We Love

Author: Maria Moy
A shoutout to some of our favorite open-source tools
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How Lead Liaison Built Real Time Email Sync Into Their Sales Enablement Application in Just Three Weeks [Video Interview]

Author: Serena Malkani
Nylas Fireside Chats: Episode 1
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