Jobylon increases ARR 25% by adding native email and calendar functionality to their recruiting software

Industry: ATS, HR & Recruiting
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Countries Served: 80+
Impact: 25% YoY increase in total ARR 30% expansion/upsell of existing customers 10% increase in new customer acquisition

Multinational recruiting SaaS platform expands global customer base with premium email and calendar features

How does an applicant tracking system platform for recruiters and hiring managers increase ARR by 25%?

Jobylon partnered with Nylas to add native email and calendar functionality to their end-to-end recruiting platform. After deploying both the Nylas Email API and Nylas Calendar API in less than a month, Jobylon achieved 25% YoY growth, expanding their multinational customer base 10% further into Scandinavia and Europe. 

Jobylon is an innovative, user-friendly hiring software that has revolutionized the recruiting industry with its unique focus on creating stunning job ads that better showcase their customers’ brands to prospective hires. By providing an elegant solution for HR & hiring managers to turn recruitment frustrations into a seamless process, Jobylon has curated an enviable portfolio of multinational enterprise clients, including KPMG, Meltwater, Capgemini, Scandic Hotels, and Northvolt


Giving hiring managers 8 Hours back every week

It’s no secret that recruiters are incredibly busy — between reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and sending follow-up emails, recruiters spend 8 hours or more each week on administrative tasks. Jobylon’s mission to provide HR teams with the technology they need to turn hiring into a competitive advantage led them to identify native email and calendar functionality as critical elements of their product roadmap. To elevate the recruiting process and reduce toggling between systems, Jobylon’s Head of Engineering, Niklas A. Emanuelsson, sought to create a seamless inbox and calendar experience within the Jobylon platform.


Niklas and his team set out to enable greater productivity between hiring teams and candidates by allowing recruiters to manage all applications, sourced candidates, and internal referrals in one place. They were determined to extend their offering beyond a basic in-app messaging tool and offer fully integrated inbox and calendar features like email synchronization and flexible scheduling.

Their solution had to be cost-effective, secure, and easy to deploy with minimal ongoing maintenance requirements. The challenge was finding a partner with those qualities that could also support GSuite and the many versions of Microsoft that Jobylon’s enterprise clients utilized. 

Integrating With Google and Microsoft for native email and calendar functionality

The Jobylon team knew that organizations who invest in a strong candidate experience improve their quality of hires by 70%, and they wanted to provide premium features to empower their users. After reviewing the competitive landscape, the Jobylon team quickly identified Nylas as a proven application tracking system (ATS) connectivity solution to actualize their vision of curating an exceptional hiring experience for both recruiters and applicants.

“Fortunately, we found Nylas before we started trying to build these integrations ourselves. As soon as we saw their demo, we knew that this was the route that we wanted to take. Nylas can do the heavy lifting of integrating with proprietary APIs, allowing us to work with a simple, standardized API.” -Niklas A. Emanuelsson, Head of Engineering, Jobylon

With just two engineers, Jobylon leveraged the Nylas Platform to quickly connect their application to users’ Microsoft and Google accounts via a single, secure point of integration. Their users immediately began communicating and scheduling events with candidates and colleagues without ever leaving the Jobylon platform.

The Nylas Email API in Action
The Nylas Calendar API in Action


By partnering with Nylas to integrate with Google and Microsoft, Jobylon is able to offer native email and calendar functionality within their application that updates in real-time with their users’ inboxes. As a result, they expanded their multinational customer base by 10% and grew year-over-year revenue by 25%, trends that will continue to increase as Jobylon’s reputation for transforming the recruiting experience continues to grow.
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