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Acre grows user base 580% since embedding scheduling with the Nylas Calendar API

"[Nylas] essentially does all we want in a single solution. It’s flexible enough for us to design a user experience tailored to our needs, but also easy enough to leverage out-of-the-box SDKs to start testing demand for these features as quickly as possible”

– Sam Leonard-Williams Head of Product at Acre
CRM, PropTech
Calendar API
Reev launches calendar and email features 12x faster to improve sales productivity for end users
MySocialPulse saves compliance officers 60% of their time while preventing millions in potential fines
CIENCE Saves 50% of Engineering Team’s Time on Bi-Directional Email Integration
Ceridian Reduces Manual Work for Recruiters with Interview Scheduling
Upwork Leverages Nylas Scheduler to Enable Users to Hire Twice as Fast and Boosts Customer Satisfaction
Crunchbase increases sales productivity and bookings by integrating email and actionable contacts data

“A big value that Nylas has brought us has been removing the ambiguity with the review process. They helped us navigate exactly how we should approach it and had the answers for all the questions we had. To this day, we’ve passed each of our verification steps. Nylas is a great partner and it’s been a huge benefit that we could feel certain that the process was going to go smoothly.”

– Monika Abraham Product Operations Manager at Crunchbase
CRM, Sales & Marketing
Email API, Express Security Review
Nowsite cuts churn by 75% and unlocks revenue with unmatched email deliverability
Harbor Plan Completes Google OAuth Security Review and Verification 3x Faster and Saves 40%
Dialpad builds contacts sync In two days with one engineer
Clio builds robust legal CRM with the Nylas Email API

Our customers needed email features in their CRM, and Nylas made it easy to build. [The Nylas APIs] are a modern way to work with email.

– Aaron George Co-founder of Lexicata (acquired by Clio)
CRM, Legal
Email API
ATS platform Fountain builds calendar integration In one hackathon
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