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Signing off Nylas API v2: Welcome Nylas API v3

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As we stride into the future with the introduction of Nylas API v3, it’s time to bid a bittersweet adieu to our faithful ally, Nylas API v2, which will officially sunset on October 1, 2024. 

Let’s raise our virtual glasses for a toast to a true pioneer who has been with us through thick and thin, empowering more than a quarter of a million developers to process 12 billion+ API requests over the past 10 years

Why say goodbye? Hello, Nylas API v3!

At Nylas, we embrace change as a catalyst for innovation. With the launch of Nylas API v3, we’ve listened to years of feedback from our customers and incorporated it to build a product that we’re truly proud of — and that meets the increasingly mission-critical needs of our users. Nylas API v3 enhances product performance, developer experience, security, and intelligence, delivering speeds 2.5 times faster and reliability ten times greater than before. This marks a substantial evolution in our platform, featuring a redesigned sync-engine model that eliminates the need to store data with Nylas, optimizing both performance and security. 

“We’ve spent 10 years building our API platform. This release takes all the hard lessons we’ve learned over those years to build the next greatest version that’s more scalable, performant, reliable, and enables a host of new features.”

Christine Spang, Co-founder & CTO at Nylas

Additional improvements API v3 introduces include:

  • Simplified integrations: API keys for auth, enhanced webhooks, Microsoft Graph, and more to streamline engineering efforts even further.
  • Instant email and event functionality: Wave goodbye to latency!
  • Scheduled Send and Smart Compose: Because who doesn’t like a bit of AI magic?
  • Endpoints for clean conversations: Achieve clearer, more manageable email threads with new endpoints designed to organize and declutter conversations.
  • Early access to a new version of the Nylas Scheduler: Get modular, decomposable, and customizable components for native scheduling in your app. 

Simplifying the migration process 

Worried about the move? Fear not! We’re continuing to build robust documentation and provide resources to ensure your migration is as smooth and expedient as possible. We know your developers’ time is valuable, and we aim to arm them with the tools and knowledge they need to deliver API v3’s incredible value prop to your end users as quickly as possible.

Check out the resources we have to help throughout your migration journey: 

  • The Nylas v3 migration guide — If you’re an existing customer preparing to upgrade from Nylas v2 to v3, this page collects information to help you migrate your implementation.
  • FAQ in our Nylas Support Center — Here, you can find answers to the most common questions we receive. 
  • Join our upcoming webinar — Nylas experts will join customers who’ve gone through the migration process, highlighting the best practices used to streamline it.
  • Need more dedicated support? You can submit a request to the Nylas customer success team or contact your Nylas customer success manager (CSM). Regular call and high-touch migration support from the Nylas implementation team is also available with a one-time fee; contact your CSM for this level of support.
  • Coming soon — Thanks to feedback from early adopters of v3, we will soon have Nylas ID translation tooling (check back here for more details in the coming weeks). Our Partners page will also have more information about third-party partner support for developers. 

“We needed a more stable and scalable solution to replace our calendar integration with another provider. After connecting over 1000 calendar accounts, caching became a problem, leading us to hit 429 errors consistently. Luckily, we found Nylas who’s set up to handle rate limits at a higher scale, especially with API v3. Onboarding has been a breeze, and partnering with our dedicated Nylas Implementation Engineer, combined with clear documentation, made it easy to replace our integrations.”

Software engineer for a mental health platform

Welcome to the era of v3 

As we prepare to sunset Nylas API v2, let’s not dwell on the goodbye. Instead, let’s celebrate the remarkable journey it has facilitated and gear up for the exciting possibilities with Nylas API v3. Here’s to new beginnings, faster integrations, and even more milestones ahead!

Thank you, Nylas API v2, for everything. You’ve set the stage; now watch us take the leap with Nylas API v3.

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