Automate & Expedite Healthcare Processes

Increase productivity in your healthcare application with powerful APIs that automate communications, scheduling, billing, and record keeping.

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Automate Healthcare Administration Tasks

Build secure, intelligent, automated capabilities into your healthcare application, and optimize appointment scheduling, patient onboarding, billing, and recordkeeping so your users can spend more time caregiving.

Your Software

Launch New Features

Automate manual tasks like scheduling patient visits and sending follow-up emails. No custom code required.

Automate Workflows

Leverage rich data from sources like email exchanges, patient records, and medical appointments to boost healthcare professionals’ efficiency.

Remove Dev Dependencies

Free up your engineering team’s time so you don’t have to delay the launch of key features or distract from existing projects.

Your Users

Streamline Patient Scheduling

Eliminate back and forth messages, patients being put on hold, and automate the appointment booking process.

Automate Billing Activities

Capture financial information from invoice attachments and sync it directly with your billing software, and leverage workflows to send billing reminders.

Accurately Maintain Medical Records

Ensure medical record completion and accuracy by automatically capturing critical information in email attachments and syncing it directly to your EHR.

Predefined Productivity Features for Healthcare Applications


Embed a front-end scheduler with customizable UI and features like AutoSchedule, Time Zone Support, and Round Robin Scheduling.

Conferencing Sync

Seamlessly join telehealth appointments from your platform with Conferencing Sync.

Virtual Calendars

Book appointments & resources without requiring users to share their personal calendar data.

Multi-Calendar Booking

Automatically add scheduled appointments to every participant’s calendar.

Bi-Directional Data Sync

Securely pull in data from caregivers’ inboxes, calendars, and contacts.

Availability Search

Schedule appointments based on criteria like the earliest shared availability for patients and practitioners.

Automated Communications

Automate patient and practitioner communications with custom and personalized templates.

Data Extraction & Conversion

Parse relevant details from patient messages to automatically populate electronic health records.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Parse data from images and attachments directly into your EHR or billing system.

Scheduled Email Send

Schedule email messages and reminders to send at optimal times, such as 24 hours prior to an appointment.


Distinguish machine-to-human from human-to-human emails so healthcare workers can prioritize the most important messages.

Clean Conversations

Extract the body of an email to create chat-like views for quick collaboration with other healthcare professionals.