Achieve OAuth Verification with speed and efficiency

Nylas Express Security Review simplifies the Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) with the lowest cost guaranteed.

Nylas Express Security Review

Complete the Cloud Application Security Assessment ahead of schedule and at the lowest cost

Lowest cost, guaranteed

Lowest cost, guaranteed

Meet Google’s security requirements without paying more than you should.

Get approved fast

Get approved fast

Accelerate your time-to-market and ensure business continuity with a prioritized assessment.

Google-certified partners

Google-certified partners

Leverage our exclusive partnership with leading, independent security firms to save time and minimize costs.

White glove service

White glove service

Navigate the OAuth Verification and Security Assessment with support and best practices from our Security Review experts.

Unparalleled transparency

Unparalleled transparency

Enjoy a more efficient and straightforward experience with upfront cost estimates and timelines.

Streamline reassessment

Streamline reassessment

Make yearly reassessment and reverication easy through proactive reminders and guidance.

We’ve streamlined hundreds of verifications to date

Join industry leaders and fast-growing brands in completing the Google Cloud Application Security Assessment under budget and ahead of schedule.

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  • Crunchbase
  • Strata
  • Plivo
More than 1000+ happy customers
  • Sellsy
  • Recruit CRM
  • Harbor
  • LionDesk
Streamline your GTM

Streamlined submission process

Submit your application information through an intuitive interface.

Quick, clear requirement assessment

Quick, clear requirement assessment

Understand your app’s requirements for the OAuth Security Assessment in just five minutes.

Eliminate data processing

Centralized process management

Save time and effort by managing partners and processes in one place.

Our Simple Four Step Process

  1. Qualification

    We help determine the verification you need.

  2. Purchase assessment

    We provide cost estimates upfront.

  3. Verification

    We’ll help get your application approved by Google.

  4. Security 

    We’ll leverage our Google-certified security partners to streamline the assessment process.

See how customers are fueling innovation faster with Nylas partners

“By choosing Nylas’ Express Security Review service, we saved 40% from our first security review. And since our second review was quoted higher, we likely saved even more in costs that we can reinvest back in our business.”

Rob Carrington Head of Engineering, Harbor Plan

“A big value that Nylas has brought us has been removing the ambiguity with the review process. They helped us navigate exactly how we should approach it and had the answers for all the questions we had. To this day, we’ve passed each of our verification steps. Nylas is a great partner and it’s been a huge benefit that we could feel certain that the process was going to go smoothly.”

Monika Abraham Product Operations Manager at Crunchbase

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