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Sentiment Analysis

Automatically identify, extract, and quantify the sentiment from any message. No data scientists required.

Add Sentiment Analysis to Your Application

We arm you with pre-built AI & ML models that identify and extract the sentiment from your users’ conversation history. Quickly launch new features that slash response and resolution times by automatically summarizing and categorizing every message sent to your users.

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The Problem

Measuring Customer Sentiment is Labor Intensive

Extracting the sentiment of customer communications requires extensive expert analysis to parse and understand massive data sets.

Responsiveness Suffers from a Lack of Automation

Without understanding the relative importance of inbound communications, users struggle to triage issues and orchestrate resolutions effectively.

Slow Resolution Time Increases Business Risk

Manual processes make it difficult for users to take swift action, which results in lost customers and revenue.

The Solution

Let AI Handle the First Review

Use pre-built AI/ML models to quickly understand customer sentiment at the aggregate and individual level of every message your users receive.

Use Insights to Power Workflow Automations

Surface visualized sentiment data in your application’s UI to get quick message summaries, and trigger follow-up actions as needed — from personal contacts to auto-replies and notifications.

Reduce the Time it Takes to React

Automate the response-to-resolution workflow for your users through smart features that react to the sentiment in customer messages.

Pre-Built AI & ML Models That Makes Development Easy

Nylas gives developers a robust and easy-to-implement solution that seamlessly adds sentiment analysis to their applications.

Leverage natural language processing algorithms to automatically analyze and categorize any message.

Ascribe a sentiment score based on keywords and use ranking to power workflows in your application.

Automate follow-up communications based on the sentiment of messages sent to your users.

Surface actionable insights through rich data visualizations embedded within your product’s UI.

Identify urgent messages through ongoing analysis of your users’ message histories.

Route inbound messages to users based on sentiment and workflows that you configure.