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An Introduction to Email APIs and How You Can Use Them

Email is the de facto standard of communication for businesses of every size. Tens of billions of emails are sent every day, a non-stop conversation between businesses and their customers around the globe!

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How Lead Liaison Built Real Time Email Sync Into Their Sales Enablement Application in Just Three Weeks [Video Interview]

Author: Serena Malkani
Nylas Fireside Chats: Episode 1
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A 5 Step Guide to Getting SOC 2 Certified

Author: Tomasz Finc

Nylas set to out achieve SOC 2 certification for the trust principles of security and confidentiality. We're excited to share our certification process.

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Developing for Time Changes in the Western Soviet Union (and, thus, with Microsoft Exchange)

Lessons learned while building the Nylas Calendar API
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Burnout Prevention for Software Developers

Author: Serena Malkani

A conversation around how the technology community change their cultures to promote health and productivity in the workplace.

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Celebrating Success at Scale: How a Slackbot Unites Our Team

Author: Kevin Fayle
We built a Slackbot to do what a sales gong can’t -- keep everyone in the loop in real time
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Nylas Awarded 'Best in Business' by API World

Author: Serena Malkani
Nylas bridges the gap between 4.5 billion inboxes and software applications like CRMs, ATS's, and sales applications.
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Announcing our $16M Series B!

Author: Gleb Polyakov
It's been a year full of huge milestones for Nylas, culminating in $16M in funding and 100 million API requests per day.
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Build a Slackbot Scheduler in 30 Minutes!

Author: Annie Cook
Add events to your personal calendar with a simple Slack slash command and the Nylas API
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Pre-announcing the Inevitable: Blockchain for Email

Thoughts Inspired by Vint Cerf
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Nylas API Contacts CRUD Now Supports iCloud

Author: Nathan Ju
Now with the support for iCloud contacts, developers can interface with more CRUD-supported, information-dense contacts.
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Process Makes Perfect: The Nylas Playbook for Hiring Awesome Engineers

Author: Tomasz Finc
Improve your hiring game with these 3 tips.
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Speeding up our Webhooks System 60x

Author: Karim Hamidou
A look at how and why we decided to rearchitect our webhooks system
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