Nylas Surpasses 100,000 Developers Worldwide

August 5, 2021

Increased investments and continued emphasis on developer experiences, work automation, and seamless integration fuel Nylas’ expansion in the developer community

SAN FRANCISCO – August 5, 2021 – Nylas, provider of communications  APIs for business productivity automation, today announced they have surpassed 100,000 developers worldwide using the Nylas platform. The APIs allow developers to structure and extract rich communications data that can be used to quickly and securely build email, scheduling, and work automation features into their applications. Along with email, calendar, and contacts APIs, the addition of Nylas’ front-end UI/UX Components, AI-powered Neural API, enterprise-grade security, and more, have armed the growing developer community with the modern tools needed to advance innovation and delivery in the rapidly growing API economy.

An increase in market competition and development speed have created pressure on companies to rapidly build differentiated products, workflows, and experiences. As a result, APIs and the API economy have become an integral part of developers’ workflows, enabling them to build solutions quickly, efficiently, and securely. With Nylas’ universal,easy-to-use APIs, developers can unify and extract data from messy communications protocols with ease. The APIs provide structured data needed to tackle business automation workflows like data entry, data extraction, scheduling, business intelligence, and more. With these productivity and intelligence features, the Nylas APIs are the driving force behind more meaningful customer and employee experiences, and business growth. 

“Nylas has always been a developer-first company. We love our developers. Nylas was founded on the idea of arming developers with a comprehensive communications and automation platform to solve complex software challenges and unlock modern innovation,” said Gleb Polyakov, Co-Founder & CEO, Nylas. “We’re incredibly honored to reach the milestone of 100,000 developers on our platform, and are excited to continue investing in tools, experiences, and documentation to support the next 100,000 developers and beyond.”

Both individual developers and large enterprises are increasingly viewing APIs as a fundamental part of their business growth. In their The State of API Integration 2020 Report, Cloud Elements found that 83% of respondents consider API integration as a critical part of their business strategy, driven by digital transformation initiatives and cloud application adoption. 

“I am humbled and honored to see how Nylas has been embraced by the developer community,” said Christine Spang, Co-Founder & CTO, Nylas. “Since the early days of Nylas, our team has been driven to work alongside the developer community to find a better way to build and create software. We’re excited to continue advancing, evolving, and scaling our platform to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of developers around the world.”

This past June, Nylas announced a $120 million Series C funding round led by Tiger Global with plans to scale its go-to-market teams along with its product, engineering, customer support, and finance and operations organizations. Visit https://www.nylas.com/company/jobs/ to see Nylas’ open positions by department, location, and more.  

For more information about Nylas and their recent achievements, please visit www.nylas.com

About Nylas
Hundreds of thousands of developers around the world use Nylas to quickly and securely build email, scheduling, and work automation features into their applications. With Nylas, developers at innovative companies like Upwork, Wix, Freshworks, Lever, Dialpad, and Ceridian get unprecedented access to rich communications data from their end-users, pre-built workflows that automate everyday tasks, embeddable UI/UX components for fast front-end development, and comprehensive security features – all delivered via a suite of powerful APIs that make integration easy.

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