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Introducing Nylas Scheduler v3: Experience the future of in-app scheduling

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Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager

We recently released Nylas API v3, a new version of our API that’s 2.5x faster and 10x more reliable. And today, we’re excited to offer early access to our new Nylas Scheduler. Nylas Scheduler v3, powered by API v3, is a modular, decomposable, and customizable scheduling solution for users in your app. We’ve incorporated feedback from many who are building applications across verticals, from healthcare to marketplaces, ATSs to CRMs, and more — all of which can benefit from custom workflows and native user experiences. It offers a plug-and-play experience with pre-built components, giving you the freedom to quickly build custom UIs and booking flows. 

Get early access today to the first version of our pre-built components for the Scheduling page and Schedule Editor, email functionality, and our brand new Scheduling API. More capabilities are on the way to fully support a custom Schedule Editor, various meeting types (e.g., collective, group, and round-robin), event reminders, and API enhancements such as dedicated webhooks and conferencing integration with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. With Nylas Scheduler v3, you’ll gain more flexibility and configuration capabilities with world-class developer efficiency and security.

Seamlessly integrate and customize with components

The new Nylas Scheduler offers web components for both the Schedule Editor (for organizers) and the Scheduling Page (for invitees), saving you time and effort building custom scheduling solutions. You can rearrange and style components using CSS and embed them natively into your page without using an iFrame. This provides your end users with a more integrated and cohesive scheduling experience directly in your application.



Nylas Schedule Editor user interface for organizerss
Schedule Editor (for organizers)
Scheduling page (for invitees)

Configurable workflows to enhance user engagement

Introducing configurable pre- and post-booking workflows, you can override or add steps such as intake forms, payment options, and other custom interactions before and after appointments are scheduled. Such flexibility allows you to tailor the scheduling experience specific to your business and user preferences, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

A diagram showing standard and supported custom, optional pre and post booking flows in the Nylas Scheduler
(The above diagram illustrates the standard flow and supported optional flows in the Nylas Scheduler)
Code sample showing how to add a custom booking form to a booking flow.
(The above code sample adds a custom booking form)

Simplified development processes and more secure

The new and improved Scheduler API offers dedicated booking endpoints for historical bookings and Scheduler-specific webhooks, giving you the option to reduce the number of required API calls and bandwidth. Additional improvements include the option to customize elements of emails like rescheduling and cancellation links, email sender names, and the title and body. The new Scheduler API also introduces more privacy control and security with features like session tokens and client-side token exchanges for managing and limiting access.

Code sample showing a booking request that updates the scheduled time for booking
(The above code sample shows a PATCH /scheduling/bookings/{booking_id} request that updates the scheduled time for the booking)

We’re excited for you to access the first version of the Scheduling and Schedule Editor components, email functionality, and the new Scheduler API today! Additional components to the Schedule Editor, enhancements to the Scheduler API, custom email capabilities, the Nylas-hosted Scheduling page, and much more will be released very soon.

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