Super power the Nylas CLI with Fig

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Fig is a powerful, developer-friendly tool that lets you add autocompletes to your command line interface.

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Now, as a Nylas customer or user, you must have used the Nylas CLI, otherwise, checkout this post on Working with the Nylas CLI?

If you have an account and you’re familiar with the Nylas CLI, let’s get started with Fig!

Using the Nylas CLI

As you may have read in the Working with the Nylas CLI post, the Nylas CLI helps us to do API calls in a simple way. You just need to remember all the available commands or at least the ones you use more often. Of course, you can always use:

$ nylas --help

In order to get all the commands, we can do something simple like:

$ nylas api accounts get

Or something more complex, such as:

$ nylas api messages get --in=inbox --limit=3

Using Fig

If you haven’t heard of Fig, we would recommend you to check them out. In short, Fig adds code editor style autocompletion to your terminal.

For example, if you use Github, then you can do something like this:

Fig calling github

That kept us thinking about the possibilities:

Nylas CLI and Fig happy together

Using the Nylas CLI and Fig

Yes, you can now use the Nylas CLI and Fig. What do you need to do? Nothing more than install the Nylas CLI and install Fig.

Now we can do things like this:

Fig call Nylas

Or something like this:

Fig and Calendars

You can now forget about remembering all the Nylas CLI commands and focus on improving your workflow.

Don’t miss the action and watch our livestream Coding with Nylas:

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