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How to build a scheduling application using Java and JavaSpark

Do you want to create your own custom scheduling application with Java? Here’s an extensive guide for you including Virtual Calendars

How to locally test your Webhooks using Java

Tired of submitting changes every time you need to test your Java webhooks? Why not testing locally before deploying?

Group scheduling – Control your events participation with Java

Learn how to control your events participation by creating attendance limits using group scheduling with Java

How to create a mail merge template with Java

Learn how to use a mail merge template to send communications in your application with Java and Nylas using JavaSpark

Grouping email threads with Java and Nylas

Use the Nylas Email API and Java to group email threads into a single view, and easily access complete conversations within your app.

How to manage calendar events with the Nylas Java SDK

Reading a calendar and creating/updating/deleting events becomes a simple task by using the Nylas Ruby SDK. This post shows you how to do it.

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