The four pillars of modern APIs

Nylas surveyed more than 1,200 industry developers, engineering leaders, and technical executives in the US to distinguish a good API from a best-in-class API more accurately. You can download the PDF to see the full report findings or see a snapshot below.

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Modern APIs and respondent breakout

78% list speed, reliability, uptime, and real-time capabilities as modern API features.

Most developers prioritize speed and reliability in APIs, but only a minority consistently experience these qualities, leading to significant time spent on maintenance and bug fixes. The discrepancy between expected and actual API performance highlights a crucial need in modern software development: reevaluating and enhancing API design and usability. 


Performance Pillar Final Performance Pillar Final

Security concerns were the #1 deterrent when evaluating API vendors.

While developers overwhelmingly prioritize API security, the effectiveness often falls short. As the tech landscape evolves, this gap heightens the need for secure, reliable APIs. It signals a pressing call to action for developers and businesses to innovate and transform API security from a theoretical ideal into real-world application.

Security Pillar Final Security Pillar Final

79% say ease of use and clear documentation are essential characteristics.

But there’s a development paradox: despite the high value placed on user experience and efficiency when working with APIs, developers frequently face integration hurdles and extensive coding demands. This is where quickstart guides, SDKs, and support can be instrumental in removing friction throughout the integration process and enable developers to build faster.

DevEx Pillar Final DevEx Pillar Final

64% say they are already using automation in API-related tasks.

There’s a positive perception of API intelligence capabilities, but a contrast indicating high automation with no reduction in workload. While many factors are involved, the truth is that intelligence should be leveraged to automate workflows and development cycles, thereby simplifying developers’ tasks.

Intelligence pillar Intelligence pillar

The four pillars of modern APIs cover The four pillars of modern APIs cover

Download the PDF

Download the PDF to view the full report findings and learn how the performance, security, developer experience, and intelligence of modern APIs work together, fit into product roadmaps, and play a critical role in future-proofing applications.


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