How to deliver modern customer-centric service

How to deliver modern customer-centric service

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We live in an age where customers expect companies to be available to them wherever they are, across all devices, at any time. For CSM apps, this means connecting with customers using multiple communication channels. You must ensure representatives have visibility into the entire customer journey and purchasing history to deliver a truly seamless and personalized experience. 

To achieve this, representatives must remain in your application for all their needs, including ticket management, analytics, scheduling, and more. Your CSM app should enable them to reduce manual tasks and be more productive.

Source: LiveAgent

Modernizing your CSM app to create a better user experience requires digital customer service solutions, such as:

  • Intelligence to help representatives quickly identify high-priority tickets and get customers answers faster
  • Embedded communications to unlock a customer’s history and allow reps to personalize experiences 
  • Easy scheduling with no conflicts to ensure requests are resolved faster with fewer headaches for customers
Improve productivity and customer experience with
native email and scheduling capabilities

Time to ticket resolution

When a customer reports an issue or requests to speak with a representative, the CSM system will create a new ticket. Often these tickets are assigned randomly, which can generate response bottlenecks. In turn, many brands see lower NPS scores and decreased customer satisfaction as they’re not meeting customer expectations. 

By leveraging the Nylas Neural API, you can stand up features that intelligently assign and address tickets by analyzing and prioritizing requests using sentiment analysis. These features will make your CSM app easier to use and reduce the manual work of your representatives, decreasing churn and fostering more loyal customer relationships. 

Disconnected support systems

CSM software often exists in a silo, disconnected from the rest of the company. Representatives spend 10% of their time reconciling disconnected systems to ensure they’re answering customer inquiries correctly – time they could more productively spend talking to customers. When a representative speaks with the customer, they have little, if any, context on the customer’s history. This results in a longer time-to-resolution and lower CSAT scores.

Source: HubSpot

With the Nylas Email API, you can synchronize communications between representatives and your customers to achieve a 360-customer view. Implementing this solution into your CSM app will enable you to build a single view of all past communications. Representatives will know what a customer needs before even talking to them. With a holistic customer view, representatives can personalize their service and ensure requests are solved faster, much to the customer’s delight.

De-centralized scheduling

Without complete visibility into a representative’s availability, customers are typically left with large appointment windows and long wait times for support. In fact, 51% of consumers say that their biggest frustration is when support doesn’t arrive on time. This leads to slow ticket resolutions and plummeting customer satisfaction levels. 

Source: American Express

You can solve this by using the Nylas Calendar API to connect with every representative’s calendar, so their availability is viewable in one place. Additionally, embedding Nylas’ fully customizable Scheduler enables your customers to book appointments with reps based on availability. This capability negates long wait times and speeds up customer resolutions while increasing CSM app user loyalty.

Empower agents to resolve customer requests faster with Nylas 

Naturally, your customers’ needs should be at the center of your CSM app. With the Nylas CPaaS platform, you can unlock universal engagement, quick ticket assignment, and easy service scheduling. This will ensure customers have the best possible experience when contacting service representatives. 

If you would like to learn more about the Nylas CPaaS platform, you can connect with one of our specialists today.

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