3 Ways to Increase CRM Adoption and Build a Better User Experience

Boost your CRM adoption rates by embedding communications APIs and unlocking intelligent features such as automation based on communications data.

Three ways to increase CRM adoption

The CRM market is witnessing record growth, projected to surpass nearly 170 billion by 2030. With increasing competition, your users need effective solutions to make their lives easier and more productive, empowering them to focus on their primary goal of helping businesses build stronger customer relationships. 

Incorporating omnichannel communications features and automated workflows based on data into your CRM will enable teams to deliver impactful, personalized experiences their customers and prospects crave. 

1. Integrate commonly-used communication channels

Communication with customers happens across multiple channels, including email, meetings, social media, website, and phone. By embedding these commonly used channels in your application, your CRM will better position your users to increase customer engagement and close sales deals faster. Research shows marketing teams that embrace omnichannel marketing strategies receive 32% higher ROI than those that do not.

Through omnichannel customer outreach, marketing and sales teams, or any customer-facing professional, can interact through the client’s channel of choice. Team members can find customers and communicate with them at the most optimal time and medium where they’re likely to be reached. This level of advanced communication insight is key to offering positive customer experiences.

By adopting pre-built solutions like Nylas’ suite of APIs, you can embed complex communication and scheduling features across service providers without the headache and in a fraction of the time.

The Nylas Email API, Calendar API, and Contacts API enable you to:

  • Connect your CRM with all service providers, like Google and Microsoft.
  • Sync data bi-directionally and real-time with complete create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) capabilities.
  • Access context-rich communication data in real-time.
  • Quickly identify opportunities for automating manual tasks such as sending emails and scheduling meetings, saving your end-users precious time.

2. Provide workflow automation

Your CRM can automate many business processes by extracting communications data to free up your users’ time and energy for more revenue-generating tasks. A study found that sales reps spend 66% of their time on “non-selling” tasks such as managing emails, logging activities, scheduling meetings, and inputting sales data and customer notes. They also felt that they had less time to spend on value-add activities such as meeting with customers, prospecting, and understanding customer needs because of these mundane and repetitive tasks. 

Another report found that more than 30% of sales activities can be automated, speeding up the entire sales process. To ease the lives of your users and empower them to do more, leverage communications data to build workflow automation, such as:

  • Pipeline management — Connect users’ email, calendars, and contacts to your CRM to keep information up-to-date and manage leads across different customer lifecycle stages. 
  • Email — Leverage customer engagement data — such as open rates, clicks, and replies — to trigger automated emails. 
  • Scheduling — Find and create calendar events to schedule client meetings for your users without the back and forth. 

Additionally, embedding communication workflows into your CRM reduces context-switching across platforms. On average, people lose 36 minutes per day due to navigating across applications, and they take an average of 9.5 minutes to get back into workflow after switching between applications. Apart from being a great time-saver, staying on a single platform improves data integrity, reducing the risk of important information getting lost in transit.

At Nylas, we enable developers to extract actionable insights and power automation workflows in your CRM. We also have out-of-the-box AI and ML capabilities such as inbox parsing, sentiment analysis, optical character recognition, and email signature extraction to help you deliver intelligence quickly. 

3. Deliver an informed CRM user experience to drive personalization

Personalization is becoming increasingly critical for sales, marketing, and other departments that have regular touchpoints with customers and prospects. It’s essential to enable your analysts and engineers with easily consumable data to help your end users stay informed about their clients and react with personalized customer experiences. By accessing communications data across channels, developers can build engaging CRM features that predict optimal customer engagement activities in real-time. 

By integrating emails, calendars, and other communication channels, your CRM can also unify customer communications data in one place. Doing so enriches the data quality available to your users by giving them more connected insight into their customers’ behaviors. Using this data can optimize customer engagement along the sales cycle.

Rich customer insights from engagement data unlock ample opportunities to improve user experiences and improve their customers’ journeys. For example, with Nylas, you can:

  • Trigger AI-based alerts — Generate notifications in your CRM to inform users how to be more effective in their job. For example, alerts can tell users when to follow up with a customer and how to present specific solutions.
  • Uncover customer sentiment — Provide your users insight by analyzing a customer’s tone of voice and email behavior.
  • Deliver campaign insight — Share how leads and customers interact with campaigns, allowing marketers to design more effective, personalized campaigns.
  • Promote cross-team alignment — Distribute customer information across the organization to streamline efforts and maintain a single source of truth. 

Build a highly engaging CRM

With Nylas, combat CRM adoption challenges by streamlining communication engagement, automating sales workflows, and providing unified customer insights — all without derailing your product roadmap. Join leading companies alike to increase your annual revenue and decrease monthly churn by 75% by adding valuable communication and scheduling features. 

Want to learn more? Find out how you can quickly build solutions that increase your user adoption and help your users meet their business needs here.

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