CRM workflow automation

Quickly build email and scheduling features that save your CRM users hours every week

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A recent survey found that most companies are already using a CRM, and a significant percentage are planning to do so soon. To get users to adopt your CRM and keep them engaged, you need to make their lives as easy and productive as possible. CRM workflow automation is one way to do this.

Embedding email and scheduling features into your CRM will help users avoid context switching and stay productive. It also provides you with the opportunity to bring automation to your platform. With Nylas APIs, you can set up these complex features more quickly, efficiently, and securely than building them in-house.

Embed email features to streamline workflows

Context switching saps CRM productivity. According to a joint report by Qatalog and Cornell University’s Ideal Lab, it takes people nine and a half minutes to get back into a productive workflow after switching between applications. By centralizing communication workflows in one place, your users will be more effective in your CRM, and you’re guaranteed to see higher platform usage. 

Access to a history of all communication across channels helps your users build better customer relationships, from getting a 360-degree view of their customers to lead management and customer support. They’ll also be more engaged with your software because they’ll have the necessary information to complete their work without leaving the platform. Users don’t waste time switching platforms to look up customer information, reach out to prospects, and analyze sales data. With CRM workflow automation, users can spend more time focusing on critical activities like lead generation and follow-ups to convert prospects into customers.

With the Nylas Email API, quickly integrate across different email service providers to allow 100% of your users to send and receive emails directly from your platform. Additionally, track CRM engagement data such as email open rates and clicks, and enable your users to set up automated email marketing campaigns or follow-up emails. With Nylas, users can also schedule emails to send at optimal times to maximize open rates and replies.

Funnel, a CRM for property managers, used Nylas APIs to streamline its customer communications. “Our vision was to provide our clients with a single communication stream between them and their customers,” says Ben Rubin, chief product officer at Funnel.

Integrations with multiple email providers would have been time-consuming to build in-house. The ongoing maintenance involved in staying on top of updates across various platforms would have also added more work for Funnel’s developers. Instead, Funnel turned to Nylas to build a communications center that allows agents to see the complete history of conversations with renters in one place. Now, Funnel users can manage customer relationships effectively without switching platforms.

Implement seamless scheduling

The manual task of organizing a meeting typically involves a lot of back and forth. Things get more complicated when multiple people, resources, and time zones are involved. CRM workflow automation simplifies scheduling and removes the risk of human error, reducing your users’ stress and improving their productivity.

By integrating a scheduling solution in your CRM, your users can quickly book meetings with their colleagues and clients. The Nylas Calendar API allows you to integrate across all calendar service providers using a single API. The Nylas Scheduler lets you quickly set up a front-end scheduling widget for your users to schedule meetings on-demand easily.

With complex scheduling capabilities such as round-robin, group, and collective scheduling, your users save time from back-and-forth coordination for one-to-one and group meetings. Users can also auto-send omnichannel event reminder notifications to invitees, reducing no-shows and preventing users from wasting time.

Sales engagement platform Salesloft used Nylas to let users easily connect their calendars and share a meeting link or a list of available times. Salesloft users can keep their calendars private and book sales meetings effortlessly and on-demand.

Use Nylas’ pre-built solutions to become a trusted partner for your users

Integrating commonly used communications will streamline your users’ workflow and make your CRM a valuable and integral part of their working day. They’ll rely on you, trust you, and stick with you.

While these features will make your CRM desirable, they’re expensive and complex to build and maintain in-house. Using Nylas’ pre-built solutions lets you upgrade your platform quickly and securely. With enterprise-grade security developers’ trust, you won’t have to solve security yourself to protect your user data. Learn more about how to integrate CRM workflow automation with advanced capabilities.

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