Join Nylas at the Retail Technology Show – London, 26/27 April 2022

Communications data is taking the consumer world by storm. As online shoppers demand more personalised and relevant experiences, e-commerce and retail giants need access to content-rich, contextually relevant data. See how Nylas can help by visiting us at the Retail Technology Show in London.

Join Nylas at the Retail Technology Show – London, 26/27 April 2022

Unstructured consumer data: seizing the opportunity ahead

Businesses rely on data warehousing and processing solutions to extract insights from their data. They use these insights to build better products, increase efficiency, drive revenue and improve business operations.

Today, most analysts are limited to working with structured data sets. Data from sales and website analytics tools for example, is already structured and can easily be sent to a data warehouse for analysis. The same cannot be said for communications data. These data sets contain a tremendous amount of real-time information which could empower your business to proactively incentivise customers and build differentiating features. 

Yet, very few companies can analyse all this data. Why? The process is overly complicated. You need to write code to integrate with your email providers, structure that data, and build the infrastructure for monitoring new messages. This takes months if not years to complete, and may very well require additional resources. At Nylas, we work every day to solve this problem for our customers. With little to no code, you can start streaming your communications data to the most popular data warehousing and processing technologies in the market. 

Tapping into the transformative power of communications data

What if you could build intelligent capabilities into your e-commerce platform that accelerate business growth, improve customer retention, and increase revenue? By combining email parsing software with our API technology, you can easily extract invaluable data and create a buying experience that consumers trust. 

We do this for our customers by powering a secure and scalable platform that could help you: 

  • Extract consumer data from email inboxes to power highly personalised customer engagements
  • Enhance your 360-degree customer view with intelligent parsing AI/ML capabilities which surfaces real-time B2C post-purchase data from ALL retailers (including Amazon)  
  • Derive intelligent insights to help you provide recommendations at the highest standard of relevance to your customers. 

At Nylas, we think this is one of the best kept secrets in the industry. But don’t wait too long before putting this strategy on your roadmap: leading retailers and e-commerce platforms are most probably already exploring ways to unleash the power of communications data. These early adopters are guaranteed to cut through the competitive clutter, bringing customer experience at the centre of their purchase flywheel while increasing engagement, loyalty, and bottomline revenue. 

Visit us at the Retail Technology Show, stand 6H18, to discover the added value communications data can bring to your business and your customers. Ready to discuss with one of our experts? Request a complimentary consultation below:

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