Announcing: Omnichannel Event Reminders with the Nylas Calendar API

Send custom reminders for upcoming events via Email, Slack, and MS Teams.

Announcing: Omnichannel Event Reminders with the Nylas Calendar API

Poorly organized meetings cost companies over $399 billion annually; meanwhile, the average worker attended 13.5% more meetings last year. With more meetings, people naturally spend more time organizing, scheduling, and running those meetings. Studies show that people waste 33% of their annual workdays on administrative processes such as scheduling and sending email follow-ups. 

How can companies simplify meeting organization without adopting new tools and processes? By leveraging widely-used communication applications. 

Slack and MS Teams each have over 10 million active daily users. Combining these communication channels with the Nylas Calendar API is a powerful way to improve meeting organization and end-user productivity. 

We recently wrote how the Nylas Calendar API increases productivity, and today, we’re excited to highlight an exciting extension of our scheduling features that will save your end-users time and improve experience: omnichannel event reminders

Custom Reminders Across Channels

Incorporating custom event reminders across popular communication channels empowers your users to send relevant meeting information to all participants and helps ensure meetings run smoothly.

Here are a few examples of how you can use event reminders regardless of your industry:

  • Sales: Sales reps constantly schedule meetings with various stakeholders and need deal cycles to stay on track. By leveraging omnichannel reminders, your reps can send a custom email reminder highlighting the agenda an hour before each meeting—ensuring all stakeholders are present, prepared, and on time.
  • Healthcare: The healthcare industry loses more than $150 billion a year to no-show meetings alone. Using Nylas’ Calendar API, healthcare applications can push appointments to their customers and their patients’ calendars while sending notifications via email 24 hours ahead of appointments.
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): 67% of recruiters say it takes between 30 minutes and two hours to schedule a single interview. Using Nylas’ omnichannel reminders, recruiters can seamlessly schedule interviews and send reminders to all interviewers across Slack or MS Teams—seamlessly from their ATS.
  • E-commerce: 52% of shoppers are concerned about stolen packages during the holiday season. Incorporating omnichannel reminders enables e-commerce platforms to send delivery notifications via email to reduce the threat of package theft.

Learn more in our docs here.

Build Better User Experiences and Cut Out Manual Work Today with Custom Omnichannel Reminders

Reducing manual tasks gives employees more time to focus on other business-critical work. While meetings are a vital part of the workday, meeting organization needs to be automated to maximize efficiency. Nylas’ omnichannel reminders unlock scheduling capabilities that help your end-users do more with less and make your application even more powerful.

Speak to a Nylas platform specialist now to learn more about the Nylas Calendar API and omnichannel reminders.


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